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Health reset
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Health reset

Dec 11, 2021

Get back in control of your own health. Step into that "high frequency you" already on the purity setting. Operate from your own ability to undo, transmute and generate a higher biology and new physical body. Interact healthily in the right way with external medical practitioners and pathways. Avoid the trap of doing nothing; doing nothing effective to change a poor health condition; relying just on your slave self; or being totally dependent on an external figure for experiencing the complete wellness you know you yourself are capable of.

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Deadlines & timekeeping

Deadlines & timekeeping

May 18, 2022

Practically answer to purity first in your life. Strongly align with the time-space setting of this reality, when the pull of the dead, the past, and alien frequencies are rapidly amplifying. Respond straight away to what needs to be done. Bring important requests, obligations, and serious undertakings to completion decisively and quickly. Cut right now from messy, chaotic emotional behaviours. Powerfully disconnect from long term unwanted influences and deep seated addictions which have been playing havoc with your life.

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