Oracle Girl community.

Last updated: September 15, 2022.

The new Oracle Girl community website.

1. "What's happening?" A new community website is being built which aims to replace the Facebook Oracle Girl community page with many more features and increased privacy. Some aspects are already available: my Latest writing and a section of unofficial translations for all of my events where you can upload your own translations too. 

2. "How / where do I access it?" There are currently 2 main ways: 

Unofficial translations.

5. "How do I access the translations?" These are on the new Oracle Girl community website. Please note you need to be in the Reboot group to enter. Click here:

6. "How do I find a translation in a specific language? In the "Search for a language" section, choose a language from the dropdown menu. You will then automatically be shown a list of the titles of however many translations are available in that language.

7. "How do I add my own translation(s)?" Type your language in the "Search for an event" box. On the event page go down to the section entitled "Add your translation". Choose your language, add your (nick)name and then copy-paste in your translation. Tick the "yes" box and click on the "Submit" button. Please do not add a translation of the event description or email.

Facebook Oracle Girl community.

8. "What is the Facebook Oracle Girl community?" I invite you to connect with other people around the world who are actively engaging with the purification space. This chatboard will remain on Facebook for now but will transfer to our new Oracle Girl community site later. 

9. "How do I join?" Please click here:

10. "How do I submit a post?" Just write in via Please email us your intended text with your Facebook username. Remember: we do not publish posts about accommodation including private rentals or community living opportunities; promote events; publish requests for funding; or advertise role vacancies.

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