Making spirituality real.

Operate at the frequency of real spirituality more deeply from the perspective of body, time, purity and patterns. Public talk from Co Casa Gallery in Amsterdam.

4 events.

Releasing religious & spiritual authority. Jan 31, 2020
Clear any frequencies in your personal field attached to religious or spiritual beliefs which no longer serve you – including any area in your life…
What is real spirituality? Jan 31, 2020
Examine the split between the spiritual and physical and whether it really serves us.
What’s wrong with positivity & creative manifestation? Jan 31, 2020
Examine how we model reality rather than trying to change it to something different in the future out of programmes of lack, unchanged and dysfunctional…
Why is enlightenment a distraction? Jan 31, 2020
Reveal what the quest for enlightenment is all about and why it has been so persuasive. 
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