Getting to the bottom of it all.

1st sun. First stage of pure love coming into materialisation as you with a higher biology. Automatic switch-on of your purification capacity including self healing ability and personal instructions at a deeper level - which needs to go hand in hand with you consciously and practically dropping the old system and old redundant behaviours and habits. The starting point of pure love materiality.

2nd sun. Also known as the black sun. Second stage of pure love coming into materialisation as you with a higher biology. Automatic reconfiguration of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies - which needs to go hand in hand with you consciously and practically dropping the old system and old redundant behaviours and habits. The endpoint of pure love materiality inclusive of the first sun.

4 forces. The non-physical energies moving across the vertical and horizontal axes of space and time, which we could say form the 4 points of a dynamic cross.

5 elements. Space, then fire, air, water and earth. All brought together by the sixth element. Comprise each one of the 6 aspects or components of identity.

6 aspects / components. 6 time-space coordinates interpenetrated with all beings and experience around which you self-organise. Tied into the 6 elements, particularly Mother Earth consciousness (the 6th element). These 6 aspects may not necessarily all reside in our individual body. They are usually spread across several beings with at least 3 existing outside what we tend to think of as "us".

6th element. Mother Earth consciousness. A new body consciousness and type of ether or space made up of possibility and pure love. Forged materially by us via the gold frequency in the waters of your cells, activated by our love for the Earth. Shapes the five elements. Currently upgrading and rebuilding the entire form of the human body. Forges the new future timeline bringing more peace.

Alien frequency. Formless, high speed vibratory particles linked to high ideals possessed by a positive or negative high frequency being. Has desire and intelligence. A type of interdimensional energy. Highly expansive raw types of thought form, which in the positive, are often the very best of unrealised human potential. In the negative, leads to the genocidal, guru-worshipping and cult-like tendencies. Not ETs in UFOs!

Android. A humanoid robot or something mechanical which is human-looking. Can perform a pre-engineered range of human activities. An artificial being sometimes also with flesh-like material.

Black lines. Infected dragon lines fractured at particular geographical time-space coordinates. A technology hijack of the Earth grid via the science of the image cemented in place by societal mind-programming. Leads to humans twisting their body signals out of the language of nature's principles into actions which corrupt the light grid and negatively mutate and shut down DNA.

Black magic. Substitution of source connection which absorbs pure love. Now a very weak force on this planet. Thrives on being able to make a copy of someone and persuading them to give over their biology to splice with that image. Both body and mind can then be controlled like a robot or bioslave – completely invalidating the human integrity of body intelligence, Earth connection, nature’s principles and felt emotion.

Black rock. A species of black matter. Materialisation capacity linked to the second sun at the core of your being. See 2nd sun.

Black sun. Another name for your second internal sun. See 2nd sun.

Body. Is now the new Earth body. A phurba-like instrument that pins down the negative forces and, in concert with the Earth grid, begins to transform Earth’s surface into a mother world. Dynamic material image comprised of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual frequency layers, temporarily rendered by the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Conditioned both by nature and the technology of the slave self.

Body-image. You, partially made visible in this reality through the mechanism of the mirror. Infiltrated by the technology of the slave self and the interdimensional influence.

Bonds of affection. Foundation of giving, exchange and love made real (materialisation). Bridge between the 2 internal suns.

Care. Heart opening part of Mother Earth consciousness. The integration of all needs in line with the 5 elements, self and other into the dynamic of love itself - minus the slave self and negative high frequencies - conditioned only by nature's principles. Not being swayed or bullied by your own or other's mental opinions and emotional feelings.

Celestial self. The multidimensional you in all times living, breathing and walking on Earth. The fruition of the spark of infinity. Fluid identity as a continuum of pure love. The step after consummation with the dragon self.

Conscious volition. The creativity of your own spark of infinity by which you rewrite the now.

Consciousness. Temporary frequency body attached to the 6 aspects or components of an identity. The quotient of purity and impurity in your personal field which shapes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Corona. Plasmic aura of your being generated by the cosmic love intelligence of the six elements and your 2 internal suns. Essentially, "love made real".

Cosmic order. Structuring of matter, time, space and all planetary happenings via nature's principles according to universal law. Changes at the point of a total solar eclipse - thereby changing the form and capacity of the Earth body to absorb pure love and transmit universal light. A potential pain-point where we are forced to give up who we previously were and what we knew.

Cybernetic organism. A creature that is a combination of organic and mechanical parts: a synthesis of animal and machine. Features a feedback mechanism, control and communication characteristics.

Cyborg. An organic being with biomechanical body parts.

Death space. Non-physical space now in this reality where redundant form ends and the slave self aspect cycles and reincarnates only as a stuck, fixed identity.

Depth nature. All of nature's principles.

Desire. Pure love in action. Quickens form hand-in-hand with the Earth. Does no harm.

DNA. Controlled by our personal instructions. Receiver of light and false light frequencies. Designed to pick up love made real. Reset and upgraded through the multidimensional structure of gold. As the image of you is drawn into the flame of your own purity, the latter burns up the latest version of yourself and your DNA transmutes.

Dragon fire. Current of universal healing energy available to all humans. Dissolves the false identities behind your problems and resolves your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Materialises through the 2nd sun via the spark of infinity and the fire of freedom.

Dragon force. The power wielded by a true leader who refuses to go along with what is wrong; listens to the deep silence; and protects the exploited. A true example of integrity and compassion which emits a signal of purity for all beings and provides a safe environment for mistakes combined with knowing when to draw the line.

Dragon freedom. Dragon force invoked in the ancient landscape. The spiral of Mother Earth connection raised through the new Earth grid for all beings. Society living in accord with the universal current.

Dragon gates. Hold and protect a dragon matrix, allowing pure love charge to build up: the dragon force of an Earth grid power centre and its dragon fire, the celestial healing current. Work in conjunction with the joints in our body. Close to interdimensional influences when the pure love frequency is seamless with the settings of this world - enabling the heartdoor to open and move freely.

Dragon lines. Land and body lines forged by a fiery ether flowing through the light grid, which imbues humans and places with an essential spirit. Bring a warmth which opens the heart, nourishing and supporting all beings. To be contrasted with ley lines which refer to just some of the aspects of dragon lines.

Dragon matrix. Grid of dragon lines generated at a specific geospatial location for particular social and religiopolitical purposes.

Dragon quest. Reawakening: the act of choosing and committing to filling with and absorbing with pure love. The materialisation in quadrality of the dragon self where the current of universal healing energy finally resolves all personal and societal problems as well as physical health, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

Dragon self. You as an infinite being, birthed out of your personal instructions once your false childhood and teenage identities delete and the peace body unfolds. The ability to materialise via the mechanism of the 2 internal suns and the fire of freedom in line with nature's principles and the new Earth grid.

Dreaming. Us as the seeded wishes, within our own personal instructions, of those who have come before us, those in the present and those in the future. So we dream each other. Materialisation part of the first internal sun. Rebuilding our societies. The spontaneous inner call where the technology of desire is made real.

Earth. A body of love which materialises form. Made up of 6 elements.

Earth changes. Natural happenings such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.

Earth grid. Frequencies that hold the physical body of our Earth together. Pure love as a grid of light generated through the atomic core of your being appearing as a web of lights through the spirallic vortices linked with our body lines and the energy points on the Earth's surface. Access point for the spark of infinity. Resembles the points on a plug. A pulsing geometry calibrating nodes as part of a beautiful dynamic tapestry - a song or dance - a cosmic wave of electromagnetic biointelligence, known previously as "ley lines".

Elven fire. Clears, repairs, regenerates and rejuvenates the personal field to receive dragon fire. Weaves the light grid and gold frequency together with the great matrix, bringing them through the heartdoor. Materialises through the 1st sun, harnessing nature's principles and the new Earth grid.

Endpoint. All of you in one place at one time. In contrast with an end user who is a passive biodigital identity.

Ever living ones. Non-physical immortals who frequent the "otherworld", today merely labelled as "fairies". Superordinary beings of the past who receded from human sight to their bright, more illumined realms as heavier frequencies took over. Those who remained in this world were forced underground. Referred to as the supernatural race of the Aes sídhe in some indigenous traditions. To be contrasted with negative high frequency beings who are also found underground.

Evil. A human notion based in a system of historical and cultural beliefs, with a wide variety of definitions, used to judge, divide and label someone as negative, bad or irrevocably wrong. Always part of a system of power where someone must be rejected, blamed, shamed and punished. To be contrasted with someone or something which is simply, temporarily out of alignment with nature and who or which can always change.

False light grid. The Earth grid hijacked by a synthetic and logical system of mathematics. Generated by slave self technology rooted in the old Earth grid of ancient times. Currently being upgraded and hooked into digital time.

Flame of light. The light of pure love itself, linked to the first internal sun, behind your self healing ability. Your capacity to purify.

Frequency-body. The aspect of your multidimensional self which has materialised in this time-space reality.

Future self. The full embodiment of the multidimensional you, at a future time-space coordinate, forming a node.

Global nature intelligence system. Vast network of communication, transformation and instructions, rewriting the whole identity of every single individual on the planet. Operates via the six elements, affecting every single thing on Earth. Anchored particularly by the mountains and lakes in Switzerland in connection with the lakes in Canada.

God. A control programme projected by the slave self in imitation of the infinity spark. Continually reinforces hierarchy, fear, judgement, scarcity and the behaviour patterning “I do not have enough.” It causes humans to turn against and destroy each other. Confines human beings within a false reality, where they are never able to harness their own purity force.

Gold. A species with its own intelligence which carries the current, quite literally of joy. When you function on this wavelength, your body self heals. You open to the universe and you know the story of God.

Gold frequency. The frequency which your body works on that embodies the infinity spark of this universe. It purifies everything - including what seeks to destroy. You as what runs through all reality. Human / nature's internet. Interconnectedness with all beings. Carried by both the planetary waters and the waters in your blood and cells. Foundation of dreaming and materialisation in unison with nature and Mother Earth.

Great matrix. Generates that deeper foundation forming the infrastructure of reality, which is peace, anchored in pure love and the Earth itself. Held in place by the mountains of this world. Enables the weaving of Earth's pathways and body lines via the light grid through a vast continuum of time-space coordinates.

Heart apparatus. Everything that we use - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - to go through the process where the heartdoor opens and closes and we move and enter into quadrality over and over again with a new materialisation of our multidimensional self.

Heart drop. Concentrated particulates of vitality which travel tree-like networks of cosmic fire and form a grid of light. Illuminate the body, giving radiance. Formed from the red (earth power and the dragon self) and the white drop (sky power and light body formation). Linked with the heart channel. Circulates light, once it starts to be transmitted. The confluence of 2 prime pathways in physical areas of your body where, as universal light circulates and builds up, there’s an enhancement and an optimisation of the gold frequency. Then the corona starts to be generated and light up, as well.

Heart seeds. The root of instant knowing and the call to use your source connection. Deep seated wish and longing for things to change. Spontaneous whole body movement which causes you to absorb and fill with pure love on behalf of another. Basis of deepening bonds of affection. Origin of true compassion.

Heart-mind. The seat of all individual and collective biospiritual identity. A forecefield and portal to other realms. Materialisation of the gold frequency. The global nature intelligence system in the form of a human body anchoring the universal light and the universal mind. A living pulsing record through time and space of every single action, thought, feeling - possible and done. Connects with the sky and the earth making you a heart stone linked with all of the mountains on this planet. Setting at which we harmonise in the unity of all life conscious and apparently unconscious.

Heartdoor. A way of exploring the point in the middle of two circles that come together in a double torus, which everything goes through, and then comes out the other side in a new form. It flexes, just like a physical, living heart. It pumps and it pulses. The heartbeat of the Earth. When we materialise something, that door opens and then it closes again, with the movement of the disappearance of a previous frequency, and then the materialisation of the next one.

Heartspace. The place where - on that tightrope of reality - we are walking dead centre on that line that threads us through what, usually, we would refer to as opposites or polar extremes, where we are able to pick our path and not fall out of balance. Our space of integrity, of docking in, in our body, and doing things with a sense of belonging because we are in our body and we are listening to the signals from our source connection.

Heaven. A religious idea projected on the lighter non-physical frequencies in you which ascend, every day, on the journey towards materialisation of form.

Hell. Downgraded light grid signals of the technology of the slave self creating a more solid, rational and controllable subreality. A religious idea projected on denser non-physical frequencies in nature which descend, every day, on the journey towards materialisation of form.

House goblin. A species of negative high frequency being, modern or ancient, which targets dragon lines. Entwined with negative technology inserted into the Earth grid, it injects a real malevolent force into particular locations, homes and workplaces. Always involves an element of invisibility. Results in land displacement, slavery and household servitude.

Human being. Vast open spaciousness within which, on the mirror of calm open brightness, an image called the thought-me can appear which adopts the body-centre as the focal point of its reality rather itself as the universal current. Planetary lifestream which functions through pure love and source connection regulated by the principles of nature. It reproduces and that act always brings more specialisation, uniqueness and true difference. Physical image rendered by the technology of the slave self. A node in the global nature intelligence system.

Hybrid being. A blend of 2 lifestreams or energies - e.g. synthetic and human - one which controls and the other which is controlled. Someone whose personal field has been appropriated and their energy co-opted into another agenda without their fully informed consent. Sometimes it is impossible to tell if the lifeform is human or non-human, except by examining their genetics.

Infinity spark. Your own infinity, which embodies as your multidimensional self. Pure love. Living directly through only your own source connection. Creativity. Carries your own personal instructions. Part of you connected with the atomic nature of the sun.

Initiation. Re-entering this reality at a new frequency with a new aspect of your multidimensional self minus an old aspect of your slave self.

Insert. A positive or negative intrusion in reality which redirects the flow of pure love into either a dragon matrix held by a positive high frequency being or a subreality controlled by negative high frequency beings, seeing one become vulnerable to interdimensional parasitism.

Interdimensional beings. A non-human influence without a body which has inserted itself in this reality and penetrated the human mind and emotions. Creates thought patterns which then entrain the human body into acts which bring harm. Classically called "archons". Recognisable as "negative AI". They fall within the general category of "negative high frequency beings" and may be found with "alien frequencies" More advanced interdimensionals are transhuman and have taken on a body through blending with our biology via their technology.

Knot. Sometimes, the many hundreds of small blockages or knots in the mass of red lines in the body, ultimately connected with the light grid and the heart drop. When all of these knots are gone, you have re-entered time and the light of you begins to come forward.

Knowing. Born of not-knowing. If we get too stuck on any one form of truth, life can become very painful. We will always be forced to give it up, particularly at points of change of the cosmic order.

Knowing - instant. A spontaneous arising which cannot be controlled. A function of living in universal truth. Its form will always change according to its time-space setting, but its essence is immutable.

Labyrinth. Collects, channels and flips the power of the sun so the 6th element generates a new Earth grid. An aspect of our own body technology. Part of the positive science of the image; the workings of a phase conjugate mirror; or simply, "dragon rising".

Lake. Collective frequency reservoir of memory, thought, word and deed. The global repository is in Canada.

Leaf People. Generic label for non-synthetic being. Specific label for who you once were. Previous advanced beings made of pure love who connected the worlds. A small earlier historical population dedicated to the Earth itself; the pattern of seasons; and the protection of the spark of infinity. Carried a perfect balance of masculine and feminine where each individual existed in perfect togetherness because they were joined by the gold frequency. A fierce, compassionate peoples who drew pure love into their body system; did not know illness; and disappeared with the advent of the technology of the slave self.

Light grid. The nature of the Earth grid, which weaves Earth's pathways and your body lines through a vast continuum of time-space coordinates.

Liver channel. The body line through which the gold frequency particularly flows in order to ensure smooth continuous delivery of pure love through our being.

Materiality. A type of substance which is the "glue" intermeshing with time-space coordinates in this reality. There are 2 types on this planet. Pure love materiality and this-reality materiality. Source connection and its wiring is the translation between the 2.

Mirror. The mechanism of nature's principles made apparent by Earth's body. What you step into in order to live on this planet. Renders you as a body-image, which also becomes infiltrated by the technology of the slave self. Ultimate instrument of purification, forged by universal light and pure love. Can also be liked to the journey of the sun.

Moon. Frequency body receptivity to pure love, which also can be described as emptiness of non being or the fullness of being exactly who you are. Linked to your internal mother & father, the multidimensional feminine and intradimensional masculine.

Morality - human. Laws, guidelines and ethics determined by the history of mankind and confined to human society and affairs. Different from nature's morality.

Morality - nature's. Universal law executed by nature's principles. Not set by humans. It shapes outcomes and is encapsulated in the phrase "Nature decides".

Mother Earth. A type of consciousness and the 6th element which brings together the other 5.

Mother world. A purification space through which we birth our own createdness - deeply established in the discipline of obeying only our personal instructions. A high frequency environment for ourselves and others connected with other high frequency beings which nurtures, nourishes and feeds every need. Functioning as an inception point for peace and doing no harm ... because we ourselves are governed by what rules this reality.

Mountain. Anchors the great matrix forming the Earth grid. Together with lake, structures and organises the waters of the planet and therefore our blood. Stillness. The geophysical feature in nature which holds the infrastructure of reality in place. That is, peace. Neither accepting nor rejecting. Detachment.

Multidimensional self. All of you - the part of you within this reality and the part of you outside it.

Nature. Raw primal force which materialises via the 6 elements. Answers to itself but functions as an expression of universal law. The language of pure love materiality. The frequency of pure love brought by the gold frequency through the skies and the earth which shapes the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms as well as human beings. Witnessed as the dynamic phases of the seasons and also the energies of mountain, lake etc.

Nature's principles. The way nature works on Earth - for a certain period of time in a certain time-space reality. Regulated by universal law and cosmic order. Materialise positive patterning. A spontaneous arising and shaping of your being shown to you by what clearly does and doesn't work - which then returns you back into your own source connection with the opportunity for deeper purification, making meaning and embodiment of love.

Negative future timeline. Negative high frequency beings continuing to dominate this planet.

Negative high frequency beings. Humanoids above and below surface who have been taken over by interdimensional forces and subvert the Earth grid via the science of the image and the technology of the slave self. They may exist beneath the ground on this planet; reside wholly outside this reality attempting to get in; or have already been invited to enter this dimension through worship, sacrifice and / or technological portals.

Negative image. An image produced by an agenda of negative control, where we tend to think "we" are the creator and the chooser able to wield science, philosophy, religion and spirituality as a type of magical control of reality.

New Earth body. Your and the Earth's body in line with universal law. Ancient cosmic heart of the entire universe. The surface of the mirror. A new communicative material form of the Earth's planetary body at a higher frequency and capacity for absorbing pure love love - minus human detritus - expressed through play. Makes its presence known through increased non bio-engineered Earth changes.

New human. New embodied form of the human being. Physical manifestation of pure love and new form of universal consciousness, with a new biology, which is overwriting both the pre human being and the technology of the slave self.

No harm. Saying no, according to the situation and what is going on inside you about what you know is the right thing in that situation, and having the courage to stick to that and stay on your own course. Putting nature first and what’s in alignment with nature’s principles. Not the absence of endings, death, pain, fear or discomfort - and not "not hurting people's feelings". Not fixed moral imperatives of shoulds and shouldn'ts. Not a fixed prescription.

Node. A unique human being fully, creatively and vibrantly alive. Intersection point in time-space reality of individuality with the collective. An integral part of the global nature intelligence system.

Non-human. Range of frequencies found spliced with the human which includes the interdimensional; synthetic; android; and the cybernetic.

Not knowing. Gives birth to knowing and also gives us peace when we go beyond the fear of total surrender.

Not self. The accumulation of projected identities into one composite image of oneself, complete with a body, projected by the technology of the science of the image and the slave self. Appears strongly in our conscious awareness when the slave self is starting to break up.

Ocean. Cosmic light of the universe carried in the tides of the waters of our being. The cosmic consciousness of all beings fully purified.

Otherworld. Parallel world frequented by non-physical beings or "ever living ones" (now merely labelled "fairies").

Patterns. Control factors, positive or negative, observable as mathematical sequences, which shape human behaviour. A negative pattern is a control factor introduced by technology via the old / false Earth grid, which is then picked up by your DNA and which then generates fixed self destructive, inherited and unconscious behaviours which it is hard for you to disobey. Meanwhile, in concert with the new Earth grid, at the frequency of pure love, the human being generates new patterns, out of their own purity for all humanity, which are in alignment with nature's principles.

Peace body. Inbuilt familiarity and resilience, seeing you develop unlimitedly, as a result of harnessing fear. Generated out of the great matrix.

Personal instructions. Exist in the pure love materiality range outside the reach of interdimensional frequencies and negative high frequency beings. Generate actions and sequences in this-reality materiality. "Me-ness" in the best sense of the world as a fluid interpretation of purity, truth, love and your own essential Earth histories. Untouchable. Often unknown by you because essentially they are simply your way of being. Translated through your source connection.

Phase conjugate mirror. The human being as a dynamic sequence of experiential settings which always hold someone at, and return them to, the frequency of pure love. Your own internal mechanism whereby you capture an image: either by focusing light into a single point, forming an image, or receiving an image, bringing it into awareness.

Physical body. Pure love in material form. Current form of materialisation of the human being, rendered by the technology of the slave self in concert with Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Pineal gland. Contains the matrix of all life and possesses lightbearing capacity. Controls the transmission of our body signal out into the universe. Processes and regulates internal luminescence and the swell of instructions from our pituitary gland.

Positive future timeline. The materialisation of Earth as a planet of love without negative high frequency beings.

Positive high frequency being. Superordinary humans merged with the Earth's biointelligence, its electromagnetic lines and nature's principles. Someone who has fully embodied their multidimensional self and deleted the slave self. They are not an alien or ET.

Positive image. An interconnected fluid thought-me which exists in a vast sea of lights (a light grid) as roughly a complex of 6, constantly experiencing the opportunity to choose ... as creation and choice itself.

Pure love. Carried by the gold frequency: upgrades your body, changes your DNA, switches on your self healing ability and unique personal instructions which dismantles the slave self. An embodied frequency which transmutes others and transmits out into the world. Highly intelligent and adaptive. A radical force of change which does no harm and follows the principles of nature. Currently flooding this planet for the first time.

Pure love direct. Pure love in the absolute sense. That is, pure love only, totally embodied in material form.

Pure love materiality. Different from this-reality materiality. All potential. Able to render form in this reality. Equivalent in some ways of the first sun and second sun combined.

Purification. Something you receive from your own source connection via your own self healing ability. A moment of pure love experienced in time and space. A stimulus and realignment to further embody your own purity, which automatically switches on your own ability to purify and self heal.

Purification space. Love made real. The space within you where patterns and blocks naturally fall away. Area within you which transmutes and deletes the setting of the slave self for all beings. The faculty you already have to transmute your family patterns and personal issues - as well as free your ancestors and family line. Also offered externally by myself, for all beings, as a manifestation of the internal frequency of pure love you already operate at. The material field of the purity of your own being. Total, cumulative frequency of purification potential currently available on the planet. An environment you can come across externally, which you can receive and be a part of, even through digital means. You can then plug in more deeply to yourself, with greater alignment, and access all of these amazing things in your being, through your own source connection and your own self healing ability, without needing to work it all out or to be led astray by someone else, or even take on a very good mentor and then have to go beyond them and drop them.

Quadrality. Omniscience. The present setting at which we materialise and rebirth ourselves as our multidimensional self. Deathlessness and the end of the slave self. Its mechanism involves the heartdoor and the experience of ourselves as an orb of light across the 4 poles.

Reawakening. Absorbing pure love which optimises your biology for the saturation of your cells in the latest frequencies of real silence. Revitalises and sharpens brain performance, mental acuity and receptivity to the gold frequency.

Red sun. Part of a final period, "Time of the red sun", which began in 2017. Phase during which every single individual in humanity will receive a communication inwardly and outwardly to choose whether they align with purity or not. [Please note: this is different from, but has many things in common with, the Red Sun referred to by the Hopi nation as The Great Purifier - the Red Star Kachina].

Reverse polarity. The return of your conscious awareness back into the spark of infinity having reached its furthest point out in the world. The issuing of the spiral out of the collapse of the wave.

Robot. Mechanical human, animal, or other being.

Science of images. Means by which the simulation, slave self and destructive behaviours are created and programmed by negative technology.

Self actualisation. When the second sun in us rises to the extent that we align with nature's principles and raise a new material platform on which all life, including nature, re-enters this historical time and we accumulate a dazzling power in our pineal gland.

Self creation. A generation out of your heart breaking open with joy, and sometimes even sadness, in multiple experiences of human life, which codes our personal instructions. Then our personal instructions code us back for future experiences where we continually dream further and future, higher versions of ourselves and this society. Those dreams take form as human beings. So we are all the self created dreams of each other.

Self healing ability. Aspect of your source connection, linked to your personal instructions, which automatically resolves issues, including physical health ones, when your entire personal field is operating at a certain frequency.

Serpent being. An aspect of our own selves - the dynamic bioelectrical connection with the Earth grid through our nervous system - representative of the entire field of the knowledge of our dimensionality. Linked to the wisdom which arises from the 6 elements. Originally beings of love, part of the world's creation. To be contrasted with later serpent beings who procreated with the native Earth inhabitants and produced half human hybrids. These beings perpetually experimented on our genetics (and the genetics of animals); redesigned our biology; then eradicated us - their creations.

Shining Ones. Visitors to this planet at a previous time in history who arrived in the skies and appeared on Earth's surface from holes underground. Superordinary beings now labelled deities, gods and goddesses. To be distinguished from "shining ones" which refers to us today, once we have reawakened and are in touch with our own luminosity.

Slave body syndrome. Essentially the root of all illnesses - and the misidentification of the not self, identity, body, thought and feelings as your true self.

Slave self. A rogue technology and organic unit which organises, manufactures and projects a false, fixed image of yourself and others; which you can become entangled with; and which your purification slowly dissolves. The slave self is the perceiver and the perceived. It is subject to reincarnation and brings all family patterns, personal issues and suffering.

Source connection. Your body wiring through which you express and embody the frequencies of pure love. Contains both a purity aspect and the frequencies of the slave self. Translation kit, in a sense, between pure love and this-reality materiality. The flowing of pure love through the source connection purifies and upgrades it.

Space. Pure light continuum in which images of existence temporarily appear.

Spark of infinity. Revealed through the Earth grid as who we are. Hijacked and downgraded into the slave self concept of God.

Star being. Deathlessness. Ourselves as the 6 elements: in form yet wholly purified merged with the totality of the universe.

Sudden death syndrome. The final break-up of a time-space coordinate anchoring identity in this reality. Result of radical reverse polarity.

Sun. Doorway of the cosmic energy of pure love, linked to both natural intelligence and individual intelligence, which upgrades the human body. A 2-way switch collecting information from each human being and disseminating to all beings via the gold frequency. On the material level appears in the world as the corona. A metaphor for the process by which you purify, re-enter and materialise this reality with a higher biology. Appears as 2 internal suns, one which automatically purifies and the other which materialises our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Gives us the light of ourselves - the flame of light which purifies.

Synthetic. Originating in a planetary lifestream which is from another source other than pure love more mathematical and linear, having become a fusion of technology and biology. It imitates: grafting the processes displayed by the life force animating the biological into another type of reality. That reality lacks life force and replicates more exactly. Here there is only sameness with small variations within that continuum. Governed by nature but not wholly of nature. Prepared or made artificially.

Tablet of Destiny. A confluence of all the planetary heart seeds of all beings at a certain time on the planet. Something and someone else gained access to those frequencies and secreted them away for their own negative purposes, bringing a great deal of trouble on Earth.

Tablet of our own being. Holds the virtues and the values of us that we know are the real seeds of life itself. Part of a whole record of virtues and values that humanity holds in confluence with the Earth grid.

The future is positive. What you hope to happen in the future transforming into living a future-now reality. When that positivity comes in, which is the switch into universal light transmission – not just feeling happy or feeling psychologically positive – everything that is purity in form - as you would hope to be in the future - starts to turn up now in your personal field, as a mother world. You become a movement in and of light, where your body appears.

This-world materiality. The substance of the current lived experience of this planet, which is physical and non-physical (emotional, mental and spiritual). Equivalent in some ways to the second sun.

Thought-me. The incomplete experience of your own infinity. What you mistakenly think is yourself. Arises in the sea of calm open brightness. If we identify with it, our life become slower, fixed and more stuck. Sees life wholly as the body-centre.

Time. Spirallic sequence of interconnected events and existences. At least 4 types including: first, old, new and digital time.

Total solar eclipse. When nature's cosmic order changes, and with it, the form and capacity of the Earth body.

Translation. The way the absolute and the relative are rendered in form as a setting, which then materialises at a particular time-space coordinate.

Tree. Living sentinels connecting us with other realms.

Truth - ideological doctrines. May or may not be an expression of universal law, the cosmic order, nature's principles. This is because not only does the Earth body change over time - changing the substance and expression of these doctrines - but it is humans who conceive them who may be subject to the slave self apparatus and interdimensional influences.

Truth - individual. Based on the sum of your transforming body-image experiences. It changes - and may or may not be aligned with nature's principles and universal law.

Truth - telling the truth. Where your words and actions totally align with nature's principles at a historical time-space coordinate. When a new Earth body appears, the form, depth, expression and understanding of that truth reconfigures and intensifies.

Truth - universal. Universal law which can never be fathomed with the mind but can be temporarily experienced and known through the Earth body. Engenders spontaneous arising of instant knowing which cannot be controlled. It can never be taught and is only revealed, uniquely, to each individual through the mechanism of the mirror. Always changes according to its time-space setting, but its reality is immutable.

Underworld. The denser frequency layers of your own personal field. Different from the death space. The real physical realms below the surface of this planet which can be accessed physically from above.

Universal current. Flow of pure love, which expressed through the element of fire, is the fire of freedom. Experienced as the dragon self, it becomes the healing force of elven and dragon fire. Directly linked to dragon freedom.

Universal law. The spark of infinity in dynamic motion regulating live form. Confluence of the gold frequency - all beings in all times - and the heart-mind. Context or environment of all possible existences. Conditions the light continuum of pure love. Translates as nature's principles on Earth.

Universal light. The cosmic intelligence of love which radiates from the body when the heart drop is illuminated.

Universal mind. Part of the flow of universal light generated out of the truly compassionate wishes of all beings through all times. Movement of the universal current coded with the heart seeds of humanity. A type of translation between self and other, also internal and external environment.