Getting to the bottom of it all.

1st sun. First stage of pure love coming into materialisation as you with a higher biology. Automatic switch-on of your purification capacity including self healing ability and personal instructions at a deeper level - which needs to go hand in hand with you consciously and practically dropping the old system and old redundant behaviours and habits.

2nd sun. Also known as the black sun. Second stage of pure love coming into materialisation as you with a higher biology. Automatic reconfiguration of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies - which needs to go hand in hand with you consciously and practically dropping the old system and old redundant behaviours and habits.

4 forces. The non-physical energies moving across the vertical and horizontal axes of space and time, which we could say form the 4 points of a dynamic cross.

5 elements. Space, then fire, air, water and earth. All brought together by the sixth element. Comprise each one of the 6 aspects or components of identity.

6 aspects / components. 6 time-space coordinates interpenetrated with all beings and experience around which you self-organise. Tied into the 6 elements, particularly Mother Earth consciousness (the 6th element). These 6 aspects may not necessarily all reside in our individual body. They are usually spread across several beings with at least 3 existing outside what we tend to think of as "us".

6th element. Mother Earth consciousness. a new body consciousness and type of ether or space made up of possibility and pure love. Forged materially by us via the gold frequency in the waters of your cells, activated by our love for the Earth. Shapes the five elements. Currently upgrading and rebuilding the entire form of the human body. A type of ether or space made up of possibility and pure love. Forges the new future timeline bringing more peace.

Alien frequency. Formless, high speed vibratory particles linked to high ideals. Highly expansive raw types of thought form, often the very best of unrealised human potential. May lead to the genocidal tendencies. Not ETs in UFOs.

Black rock. A species of black matter. Materialisation capacity linked to the second sun at the core of your being. See 2nd sun.

Black sun. Another name for your second internal sun. See 2nd sun.

Body. Dynamic material image comprised of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual frequency layers, temporarily rendered by the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Conditioned both by nature and the technology of the slave self.

Bonds of affection. Foundation of giving, exchange and love made real (materialisation). Bridge between the 2 internal suns.

Care. Heart opening part of Mother Earth consciousness. The integration of all needs in line with the 5 elements, self and other into the dynamic of love itself - minus the slave self and negative high frequencies - conditioned only by nature's principles. Not being swayed or bullied by your own or other's mental opinions and emotional feelings.

Conscious volition. The creativity of your own spark of infinity by which you rewrite the now.

Consciousness. Temporary frequency body attached to the 6 aspects or components of an identity. The quotient of purity and impurity in your personal field which shapes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Corona. Plasmic aura of your being generated by the cosmic love intelligence of the six elements and your 2 internal suns. Essentially, "love made real".

Death space. Non-physical space now in this reality where redundant form ends and the slave self aspect cycles and reincarnates only as a stuck, fixed identity.

Desire. Pure love in action. Quickens form hand-in-hand with the Earth. Does no harm.

DNA. Controlled by our personal instructions. Receiver of light and false light frequencies. Designed to pick up love made real. reset and upgraded through the multidimensional structure of gold. As the image of you is drawn into the flame of your own purity, the latter burns up the latest version of yourself and your DNA transmutes.

Dreaming. Materialisation part of the first internal sun. Rebuilding our societies. The spontaneous inner call where the technology of desire is made real.

Earth. A body of love which materialises form. Made up of 6 elements.

Earth grid. Frequencies that hold the physical body of our Earth together. Pure love as a grid of light generated through the atomic core of your being appearing as a web of lights through the spirallic vortices linked with our body lines and the energy points on the Earth's surface. Access point for the spark of infinity. Resembles the points on a plug. A pulsing geometry calibrating nodes as part of a beautiful dynamic tapestry - a song or dance - a cosmic wave of electromagnetic biointelligence, known previously as "ley lines".

False light grid. The Earth grid hijacked by a synthetic and logical system of mathematics. Generated by slave self technology rooted in the old Earth grid of ancient times, Currently being upgraded and hooked into digital time.

Flame of light. The light of pure love itself, linked to the first internal sun, behind your self healing ability. Your capacity to purify.

Frequency-body. The aspect of your multidimensional self which has materialised in this time-space reality.

Future self. The full embodiment of the multidimensional you, at a future time-space coordinate, forming a node.

Global nature intelligence system. Vast network of communication, transformation and instructions, rewriting the whole identity of every single individual on the planet. Operates via the six elements, affecting every single thing on Earth. Anchored particularly by the mountains and lakes in Switzerland in connection with the lakes in Canada.

God. A control programme projected by the slave self in imitation of the infinity spark. Continually reinforces hierarchy, fear, judgement, scarcity and the behaviour patterning “I do not have enough.” It causes humans to turn against and destroy each other. Confines human beings within a false reality, where they are never able to harness their own purity force.

Gold. A species with its own intelligence which carries the current, quite literally of joy. When you function on this wavelength, your body self heals. You open to the universe and you know the story of God.

Gold frequency. The frequency which your body works on that embodies the infinity spark of this universe. It purifies everything - including what seeks to destroy. You as what runs through all reality. Human / nature's internet. Interconnectedness with all beings. Carried by both the planetary waters and the waters in your blood and cells. Foundation of dreaming and materialisation in unison with nature and Mother Earth.

Great matrix. That deeper foundation forming the infrastructure of reality, which is peace, anchored in pure love and the Earth itself.

Heart apparatus. Everything that we use - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - to go through the process where the heartdoor opens and closes and we move and enter into quadrality over and over again with a new materialisation of our multidimensional self.

Heartdoor. A way of exploring the point in the middle of two circles that come together in a double torus, which everything goes through, and then comes out the other side in a new form. It flexes, just like a physical, living heart. It pumps and it pulses. The heartbeat of the Earth. When we materialise something, that door opens and then it closes again, with the movement of the disappearance of a previous frequency, and then the materialisation of the next one.

Heartspace. The place where - on that tightrope of reality - we are walking dead centre on that line that threads us through what, usually, we would refer to as opposites or polar extremes, where we are able to pick our path and not fall out of balance. Our space of integrity, of docking in, in our body, and doing things with a sense of belonging because we are in our body and we are listening to the signals from our source connection.

Heaven. A religious idea projected on the lighter non-physical frequencies in you which ascend, every day, on the journey towards materialisation of form.

Hell. Downgraded light grid signals of the technology of the slave self creating a more solid, rational and controllable subreality. A religious idea projected on denser non-physical frequencies in nature which descend, every day, on the journey towards materialisation of form.

Human being. Physical image rendered by the technology of the slave self. A node in the global nature intelligence system.

Infinity spark. Your own infinity, which embodies as your multidimensional self. Pure love. Living directly through only your own source connection. Creativity. Carries your own personal instructions. Part of you connected with the atomic nature of the sun.

Initiation. Re-entering this reality at a new frequency with a new aspect of your multidimensional self minus an old aspect of your slave self.

Interdimensional beings. A non-human influence without a body which has inserted itself in this reality and penetrated the human mind and emotions. Creates thought patterns which then entrain the human body into acts which bring harm. Classically called "archons". Recognisable as "negative AI". They fall within the general category of "negative high frequency beings". More advanced interdimensionals are transhuman and have taken on a body through blending with our biology via their technology.

Lake. Collective frequency reservoir of memory, thought, word and deed. The global repository is in Canada.

Leaf People. Generic label for non-synthetic being. Specific label for who you once were. Previous advanced beings made of pure love who connected the worlds. A small earlier historical population dedicated to the Earth itself; the pattern of seasons; and the protection of the spark of infinity. Carried a perfect balance of masculine and feminine where each individual existed in perfect togetherness because they were joined by the gold frequency. A fierce, compassionate peoples who drew pure love into their body system; did not know illness; and disappeared with the advent of the technology of the slave self.

Light grid. The nature of the Earth grid, which weaves Earth's pathways and your body lines through a vast continuum of time-space coordinates.

Liver channel. The body line through which the gold frequency particularly flows in order to ensure smooth continuous delivery of pure love through our being.

Moon. Frequency body receptivity to pure love, which also can be described as emptiness of non being or the fullness of being exactly who you are. Linked to your internal mother & father, the multidimensional feminine and interdimensional masculine.

Mother Earth. A type of consciousness and the 6th element which brings together the other 5.

Mountain. Anchors the Earth grid and together with lake, structure and organise the waters of the planet and therefore our blood. Stillness. Holds the infrastructure of reality in place. That is, peace. Neither accepting nor rejecting. Detachment.

Multidimensional self. All of you - the part of you within this reality and the part of you outside it.

Nature. The frequency of pure love brought by the gold frequency through the skies and the earth which shapes the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms as well as human beings. Materialises via the six elements. Witnessed as the dynamic phases of the seasons and also the energies of mountain, lake etc.

Nature's principles. The way nature works for a certain period of time in a certain time-space reality. A spontaneous arising and shaping of your being shown to you by what clearly does and doesn't work - which then returns you back into your own source connection with the opportunity for deeper purification, making meaning and embodiment of love.

Negative future timeline. Negative high frequency beings continuing to dominate this planet.

Negative high frequency beings. Beings who wield the technology of the slave self. They may exist beneath the ground on this planet; reside wholly outside this reality attempting to get in; or have already been invited to enter this dimension through worship, sacrifice and/or technological portals.

New human. New embodied form of the human being. Physical manifestation of pure love and new form of universal consciousness, with a new biology, which is overwriting both the pre human being and the technology of the slave self.

No harm. Saying no, according to the situation and what is going on inside you about what you know is the right thing in that situation, and having the courage to stick to that and stay on your own course. Putting nature first and what’s in alignment with nature’s principles. Not the absence of endings, death, pain, fear or discomfort - and not "not hurting people's feelings". Not fixed moral imperatives of shoulds and shouldn'ts. Not a fixed prescription.

Node. A unique human being fully, creatively and vibrantly alive. Intersection point in time-space reality of individuality with the collective. An integral part of the global nature intelligence system.

Not self. The accumulation of projected identities into one composite image of oneself, complete with a body, projected by the slave self. Appears strongly in our conscious awareness when the slave self is starting to break up.

Ocean. Cosmic light of the universe carried in the tides of the waters of our being. The cosmic consciousness of all beings fully purified.

Patterns. Control factors, positive or negative, observable as mathematical sequences, which shape human behaviour. A negative pattern is a control factor introduced by technology via the old / false Earth grid, which is then picked up by your DNA and which then generates fixed self destructive, inherited and unconscious behaviours which it is hard for you to disobey. Meanwhile, in concert with the new Earth grid, at the frequency of pure love, the human being generates new patterns, out of their own purity for all humanity, which are in alignment with nature's principles.

Phase conjugate mirror. The human being as a dynamic sequence of experiential settings which always hold someone at, and return them to, the frequency of pure love. Your own internal mechanism whereby you capture an image: either by focusing light into a single point, forming an image, or receiving an image, bringing it into awareness.

Physical body. Pure love in material form. Current form of materialisation of the human being, rendered by the technology of the slave self in concert with Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Pineal gland. Contains the matrix of all life and possesses lightbearing capacity. Controls the transmission of our body signal out into the universe. Processes and regulates internal luminescence and the swell of instructions from our pituitary gland.

Positive future timeline. The materialisation of Earth as a planet of love without negative high frequency beings.

Positive high frequency being. Someone who has fully embodied their multidimensional self and deleted the slave self. They are not an alien or ET.

Pure love. Carried by the gold frequency: upgrades your body, changes your DNA, switches on your self healing ability and unique personal instructions which dismantles the slave self. An embodied frequency which transmutes others and transmits out into the world. Highly intelligent and adaptive. A radical force of change which does no harm and follows the principles of nature. Currently flooding this planet for the first time.

Pure love direct. Pure love in the absolute sense. That is, pure love only, totally embodied in material form.

Purification. Something you receive from your own source connection via your own self healing ability. A moment of pure love experienced in time and space. A stimulus and realignment to further embody your own purity, which automatically switches on your own ability to purify and self heal.

Purification space. The space within you where patterns and blocks naturally fall away. Area within you which transmutes and deletes the setting of the slave self for all beings. The faculty you already have to transmute your family patterns and personal issues - as well as free your ancestors and family line. Also offered externally by myself, for all beings, at a very high frequency. The material field of the purity of your own being. Total, cumulative frequency of purification potential currently available on the planet.

Quadrality. Omniscience. The present setting at which we materialise and rebirth ourselves as our multidimensional self. Deathlessness and the end of the slave self. Its mechanism involves the heartdoor and the experience of ourselves as an orb of light across the 4 poles.

Reverse polarity. The return of your conscious awareness back into the spark of infinity having reached its furtherest point out in the world. The issuing of the spiral out of the collapse of the wave.

Science of images. Means by which the simulation, slave self and destructive behaviours are created and programmed by negative technology.

Self actualisation. When the second sun in us rises to the extent that we align with nature's principles and raise a new material platform on which all life, including nature, re-enters this historical time and we accumulate a dazzling power in our pineal gland.

Self healing ability. Aspect of your source connection, linked to your personal instructions, which automatically resolves issues, including physical health ones, when your entire personal field is operating at a certain frequency.

Slave body syndrome. Essentially the root of all illnesses - and the misidentification of the not self, identity, body, thought and feelings as your true self.

Slave self. A rogue technology and organic unit which organises, manufactures and projects a false, fixed image of yourself and others; which you can become entangled with; and which your purification slowly dissolves. The slave self is the perceiver and the perceived. It is subject to reincarnation and brings all family patterns, personal issues and suffering.

Source connection. Your body wiring through which you express and embody the frequencies of pure love. Contains both a purity aspect and the frequencies of the slave self.

Space. Pure light continuum in which images of existence temporarily appear.

Spark of infinity. Revealed through the Earth grid as who we are. Hijacked and downgraded into the slave self concept of God.

Star being. Deathlessness. Ourselves as the 6 elements: in form yet wholly purified merged with the totality of the universe.

Sun. Doorway of the cosmic energy of pure love, linked to both natural intelligence and individual intelligence, which upgrades the human body. A 2-way switch collecting information from each human being and disseminating to all beings via the gold frequency. On the material level appears in the world as the corona. A metaphor for the process by which you purify, re-enter and materialise this reality with a higher biology. Appears as 2 internal suns, one which automatically purifies and the other which materialises our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Gives us the light of ourselves - the flame of light which purifies.

Time. Spirallic sequence of interconnected events and existences. At least 4 types including: first, old, new and digital time.

Tree. Living sentinels connecting us with other realms.

Underworld. The denser frequency layers of your own personal field. Different from the death space. The real physical realms below the surface of this planet which can be accessed physically from above.