Be supportive or say thank you. Give feedback. Make suggestions. Discuss making a bequest. Check the handy guidelines below first. Then if you still need to write, please email:

How do I join?

Just join the Reboot group then add on a Special event. When things are difficult you can request Immediate assistance. Read The new you and make sure you have signed up for the Newsletter. After that you can upgrade with past events in the Library at your leisure. 

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How do I update my Specific focus?

Your Specific focus is important. It guides your purification. Just click on the Specific focus button in your Specific focus email. You can write a new focus and then press Submit. A copy will come back to your email account so you have a record. 

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How do I share your work respectfully?

I love you to share sign-up links, but not my actual content. It's copyrighted. It's important to respect my work and remain in integrity. This governs your alignment with nature's principles.

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I have a technical issue.

We want to help and most of the time we can. But it's not always possible. Please send us a screenshot of your problem. Sometimes your issue may be related to your specific device, internet connection and browser. It's often good to get assistance on your side and "phone a friend".

How do I submit a post for the OG community?

Just write in. Please email us your intended text with your Facebook username. Remember we do not share role vacancies or rental advertisements; promote events; or publish requests for funding.

How do I request an interview?

Please tell my team why you want to interview me; your proposed topic, title and questions; and how large your network is. We need to know your website URL and social media handles too - as well as how long you have been in the purification space.

Testimonials & gifts.

I love to hear your experiences. If you send something in, I may use some or all of your words anonymously on this website - unless you specifically ask me not to. What you write will always be cited anonymously. Meanwhile, I accept all unconditional gifts and would never use them without asking your permission.

How do I make a bequest?

Just write in. And thank you. Whatever you leave to Oracle Girl in your last will and testament will be honoured and used very carefully for everybody's benefit. Please email and tell me what you have in mind. Be sure to include the contact details of your legal representative and / or executor.

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