Public talks, group & personal purifications entirely by donation.

I am always available to you night and day; wherever you are in the world; whatever you are doing. I am constantly emitting a purifying frequency. Just reaching out to me in your thoughts, seeing my photo, hearing my voice, reading my words, or tuning into my events by yourself is enough. My gifts are freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary. You can join any of my events below or alternatively you can write to me. Please note any outcome(s) are not under my control.

I suddenly was thinking of you, and in that moment, felt an overwhelming feeling of grace and peace and support.
— S.B., January 2019



Reboot: Deep Clean group. You have your own source connection, but if it is blocked by personal issues, family patterns and unwanted influences, you will not embody your highest potential. With my super-ordinary abilities, I purify your personal field so you can harness all of who you are, helping you to strengthen your own abilities and live the life you want to.

  • A personal purification on your own personal issues for as long as you need on Wednesdays & Saturdays. 

  • Join weekly / monthly or as a one-off.

  • Ask for yourself; someone else; an animal or pet; or a house, business, or place.

  • Get help with a specific problem or request something you need or want. Any answer(s) will come to you as needed, externally and / or through your inner guidance.

  • Make sure you read the About page so you understand my work before you sign up.


Alongside a Reboot group, you can add on any of the below or a Special Event.



For emergencies & help on a certain date



20 min sessions available every month



Every week, 7:00pm-7:30pm BST


A personal purification at every event.


healers’ & therapists support group

Mon July 22, 9:30am-5:30pm BST

2018 Wells Imm 3.jpg

The Earth is changing and a great purification is taking place. Religion and politics, science as we know it, and all societal structures are slowly disappearing. We will return to the earth. Human beings are now being asked to drop all which does not serve them and realign with the source of their own being.

New, much higher vibrations are bombarding the planet and we are being forced to let go of everything which harms us and the environment. I am here to remind you about what is going on and assist you in getting on with what you came here to do. My look, word and touch are highly purifying. As soon as you find me, your personal issues, health problems and family patterns will automatically start to release and your own superordinary abilities, self-healing capacity and inner guidance will slowly switch on. When we align with the Source itself and have the blocks within our personal settings purified out, even the worst suffering can transmute and heal. Our planetary future hangs in the balance. I am one of a small group who are here to more powerfully and more quickly assist with pain and suffering.


Click on the pictures to join me. Please note: if there is a door fee, I receive a donation afterwards from the host organisation.






Jacqueline travels all over the world wherever she is invited, giving public talks and working with large groups and individuals.

She was born in South London in 1971 and knew what her future work would be. In her early life Jacqueline could focus her attention on things, changing situations, and put her hands on troubled areas of the body, often removing problems. Jacqueline began working with the public in 1993 alongside a busy life in education and business. In the last 4 years, she has become more visible and continues to be drawn to particular places in nature for increasingly powerful upgrades. Jacqueline emphasises the body, remaining practical and grounded, maintaining strong boundaries, and firmly speaking one’s truth during this demanding time. She also supports environmental clean up; reforestation; and alternative energy, housing and education projects - through the excess money generated by donations.