Oracle Girl

embodying more love on this planet

Public talks, group & personal purifications entirely by donation

embodying more love on this planet

Public talks, group & personal purifications entirely by donation.


you have your own source connection

You are a human embodiment of the source. You can harness your source connection and use it.

When you make choices or ask for something, the source of your being responds and your life rearranges. If however there are blocks, densities and unresolved issues in your personal field, this process is distorted, less powerful, slows down or doesn't happen at all.

 You can come into contact with a bright light which starts to unlock those anomalies, releasing unlimited potential.

You are that unlimited potential ... and I am that bright light.

you always receive what you ask for or something better

An individual focus at every event.

I love and you purify. With my look, word and touch, you immediately start to embody the source of your own being. More of the unlimited you comes forward and family patterns, outmoded behaviours, personal issues and unwanted frequencies automatically drop in the space. Remotely, I focus on you by name. In-person, you return my gaze. My focus goes to your area of greatest need first: You can also mention specific issues. I can assist you or someone you know; a pet or animal; a house, business, land or place; someone you don't know; or even someone dead. It can be any problem: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual; for a baby, child or teenager.

immediate assistance

A remote individual focus within 24hrs (no feedback).

individual focus + group recording

Global remote focus group on Wednesdays & Saturdays.

sundays at 7pm (remote)

A FREE individual focus with no booking required.


how do you do it? are you a healer?

I love and you purify. I do purifications: I am not a healer or a therapist.

can you help anyone? with anything?

My work is for everyone. It's for anything including the physical.

who are you? who/what do you work with?

I am just being myself. I am from the future. I work with my own source connection. I don't work with anyone or anything else: I don't put anything into you or take anything out.

how long does it take? am i giving my power away?

The time it takes is decided by the source of your own being and the extent to which you follow my aftercare advice. When you ask me to help, you take more responsibility for your own life and go faster. You can still do it on your own, it's just that it may take longer.

do i have to be spiritual or religious?

This has nothing to do with religion or spirituality even though there are crossovers. So it doesn't matter if you are religious/spiritual or not. Either way your life will become more your own, more empowered and more meaningful.

why do you work mainly in groups?

My focus links with the group first then filters down to every single person in it. The larger the group, the more powerful my focus, which means bigger shifts and less detox for you. It is also good for my body. I am wired for very high volumes of source energy.

do you give personal feedback or guidance?

Yes, in Silent Focus Groups and Private Sessions. My focus helps to free you from what limits you. this reconfigures you more healthily for your next step and enables you to access your own inner wisdom more easily. You have to make your own choices. There are thousands of modalities, psychics, teachings, paths and practices out there telling you what to do - some of them very good. But the whole point is to take healthy control of your own life yourself and to live from your own source connection.