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Sundays@7pm. Remotely. Receive an individual focus while deepening in your own source connection. Free weekly group every Sun 7:00pm-7:30pm GMT.

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The Earth is changing and a great purification is taking place. Religion and politics, science as we know it, and all societal structures are slowly disappearing. We will return to the earth. Human beings are now being asked to drop all which does not serve them and realign with the source of their own being.

Sometimes this process, though joyful, is extremely painful. Our physical bodies are transforming in line with new, much higher vibrations and we are being forced to let go of everything which harms us and the environment. I am here to remind you about what is going on and assist you with transmuting everything in the way so you can get on with living and doing what you came here to do. My look, word and touch are highly purifying. As soon as you find me, your blocks and personal issues will start to release and your own self-healing capacity and inner guidance will switch on. You will begin to harness more of your own source connection minus what’s been holding you back - making more powerful choices and directing your own reality.


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Jacqueline travels all over the world wherever she is invited, giving public talks and working with large groups and individuals.

She was born in South London in 1971 and has been through many changes 2006-2016 including an intense phase of physical transition from fruitarianism to liquidarianism to breatharianism and through the zero zone. She emphasises diet & the body, remaining practical and grounded, maintaining strong boundaries, and firmly speaking one’s truth during this demanding time. She particularly supports environmental clean up; harnessing the intelligence of water; aligning business enterprises with the source; and alternative education projects. She also supports exceptionally talented creatives out of the money generated by donations.