Public talks, group & personal purifications entirely by donation.

My look, word and touch are highly purifying. I am available to you night and day; wherever you are in the world; whatever you are doing. Just reaching out to me in your thoughts, seeing my photo, hearing my voice, reading or listening to my words is enough. You can also join one of my events. It doesn’t matter whether you attend remotely or in-person; whether you are busy, sleeping or can make it on the day. You will begin to purify through any type of contact with me. Please note the outcome of your purification is beyond my control. My gifts are freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary.


Wednesdays & Saturdays

1. Join the Reboot group

I work in groups and the Reboot: Deep Clean group is where I do all the in-depth work on you personally every Wednesday and Saturday. You can join one time or regularly - weekly, twice or once a month - and I highly recommend you join this space as much as possible especially in the beginning so you transmute your personal issues as quickly as possible. Your purification goes to your area of greatest need first and you can ask for help with a specific problem or request something you want or need. I can also assist someone else; an animal or pet; or a house, business or place. On the day, hydrate well: up to 2 litres of hot or cold water - not juice or tea. Don’t worry, my abilities mean I can reach you anywhere: it does not matter what you are doing. You may be sleeping. Some people like to join me in the style of a mini-immersion: meditating; taking quiet time; or simply carrying on as usual. And there are lots of other things on this website like the Oracle blog, aftercare advice & my purification tracks for you to further work on yourself.

I suddenly was thinking of you, and in that moment, felt an overwhelming feeling of grace and peace and support.
— S.B., January 2019

2. Choose an add-on

Alongside a Reboot group, you can intensify your purification by using Immediate Assistance; book a Telephone 121; and joining me every week in the Sundays@7 upgrade space.

  • Immediate Assistance. If you suddenly have an emergency, get help within 24 hours or on a date you stipulate. You; someone else; an animal or pet; or a house, business or place. Absolutely no feedback: you just receive a thumbs up when I start working on you.

  • Telephone 121s. After a few weeks, make an appointment to check in with me. Sessions are 20 minutes and you speak to me alone, privately. You ring me and I work on you. I tell you what I see and you can ask questions. You can also ask for help for someone else; an animal or pet; or a house, business, or place.

  • Sundays@7. Upgrade space. This is a remote group every Sunday, 7:00pm-7:30pm BST, wherever you are in the world. You don’t need to register. Just sit down quietly with the intention of joining the group and go into the silence. Don’t worry, I know that you are there. If you need help or would like to ask for help for someone else, focus on this inwardly at the beginning, then let go.








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Fri September 27, 2:00pm-4:00pm BST

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The Earth is changing and a great purification is taking place. Religion and politics, science as we know it, and all societal structures are slowly disappearing. We will return to the way of nature. Human beings are now being asked to drop all which does not serve them and realign with the source of their own being.

New, much higher vibrations are bombarding the planet and we are being forced to let go of everything which harms us and the environment. I am here to remind you about what is going on; release what is holding you back; and birth your super-ordinary abilities. My look, word and touch are highly purifying. As soon as you find me, your personal issues, health problems and family patterns will automatically start to release and your own super-ordinary abilities, self-healing capacity and inner guidance will slowly switch on. When the blocks within your personal settings purify out, everything you do operates at a higher frequency, which then powerfully and permanently changes the world around you. Even the worst suffering can transmute and heal. Our planetary future hangs in the balance. I am one of a small group who are here to more powerfully and more quickly assist with pain and suffering - then you can start to do the same.

3. Join a special event

You receive a personal purification at every event.

  • Remote events: Silent Immersion Retreat where I work on you every day for a month; Rejuvenate group for physical issues; Healers & Therapists for developing your healing abilities; Special Focus from a place with high frequency Earth energies; Crystal Children group for a young person you care about; Planet Earth groups on global and environmental issues; and Supermoon groups on the latest Earth changes.

  • In-person events: Silent Focus groups where I work on people live, answer questions, you receive a group focus and there is more talking; Private Session groups where I work on you personally for longer at a higher frequency and there is deeper metaphysical discussion; and public talks on specialist topics complete with guided group purifications. You can also attend remotely.

  • Mp3 recordings: After all in-person events for you to take your personal purification deeper.



Latest tracks in chronological order, according to group. You can use one of these to work on yourself and shed your personal issues and family patterns faster.


Jacqueline travels all over the world wherever she is invited, giving public talks and working with large groups and individuals.

She knew what her future work would be and was born in London in 1971. In her early life Jacqueline could focus her attention on things, change situations, and put her hands on troubled areas of the body, often removing problems. Jacqueline began working with the public in 1993 alongside a busy life in education and business. In the last 5 years, she has become more visible and continues to be drawn to particular places in nature for increasingly powerful upgrades. Jacqueline emphasises the body, remaining practical and grounded, maintaining strong boundaries, and firmly speaking one’s truth during this demanding time. She also supports environmental clean up; reforestation; and alternative energy, housing and education projects - through the excess money generated by donations.