I purify.

I am constantly emitting a purifying frequency. Join me and get help for you, someone or something else now. Find out more about what I do. Make a gift to support my work. Go through your aftercare. Read my blog: listen to my latest purification tracks and get all my news and updates. Check out the small print. Or contact me. My gifts are freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary.


My body naturally generates the purification space. Anyone can join ir, get help; activate their higher abilities; and use it. The purification space is responsive and intelligent. As soon as you connect with me, you will start to purify in your area of greatest need. I also, quite spontaneously, generate different types and intensities of purification space according to what is needed.

The Reboot group

Start transmuting your family patterns and personal issues as fast as possible. Get help for you; someone else; an animal or pet; your home, business or a place; your organisation or policy team; a local, global or environmental problem.

  • Wednesdays & Saturdays one time or regularly - weekly, twice or once a month.

  • My purifying power goes to your area of greatest need first.

  • You can also ask for help with a specific problem; request something you want or need; or ask me to switch on higher abilities.

  • On the day it does not matter what you are doing. You may be sleeping. Some people like to join me in the style of a mini-immersion: meditating; taking quiet time; or simply carrying on as usual. Try to hydrate well: up to 2 litres of hot or cold water - not juice or tea.

  • No Skype, telephone, or personal advice.


Additional purification spaces alongside the Reboot group.




organisationS & POLIcy teams

Apply for help same day or on a certain calendar date.

If you can’t wait until Wednesday or Saturday, add yourself into this daily purification space for more immediate or specific attention. This can be for you; someone else; an animal or pet; or a house, business or place.

  • Crises & accidents; pets in pain; beautiful day; concern for others, difficult day; at physical risk; day in court; at physical risk; feeling suicidal; danger.

  • Strictly no contact and absolutely no feedback.

Get help for yourself; your organisation or team.

Business is now seen by many as the conduit through which the real change that we need is being brought about. But large scale commercial activities will only be as effective as the purity of the people leading them.

  • I can assist with transmuting the frequency of yourself, your organisation and its colleagues so what you do is truly effective - uplifting and honouring the planet.

  • Purify your business concept, premises & clients.

I suddenly was thinking of you, and in that moment, felt an overwhelming feeling of grace and peace and support.
— S.B., January 2019


The Earth is changing and a great purification is taking place. Religion and politics, science as we know it, and all societal structures are slowly disappearing. We will return to the way of nature. Human beings are now being asked to drop all which does not serve them and realign with the source of their own being.

New, much higher vibrations are bombarding the planet and we are being forced to let go of everything which harms us and the environment. I am here to remind you about what is going on; release what is holding you back; and birth your super-ordinary abilities. My look, word and touch are highly purifying. As soon as you find me, your personal issues, health problems and family patterns will automatically start to release and your own higher range abilities, self-healing capacity and inner guidance will slowly switch on. When the blocks within your personal settings purify out, you more fully embody your own purity, bringing real change in the world around you. Even the worst suffering can transmute and heal. Our planetary future hangs in the balance. I am one of a small group who are here to more powerfully and more quickly assist with pain and suffering - so you can start to do the same.



Silent Immersion Retreat from South Africa. A personal purification every day while I am in Cape Town & the Kalahari Desert.

Oct 2, 9:30am - Oct 30, 5:30pm BST

Special events

You can join remotely or in-person. Can’t come on the day? You can do remote attendance.


Listen and/or download; or purchase.



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