We are all able to succeed.

Jan 30, 2023

Yes, there are many things which are wrong and should not be happening. And yes, it is obvious that there are people on the planet with ill intentions. But nothing changed. It’s just more obvious. The question always was, is purity your priority? Are you actually living that way? Do you say no? And even if the answer is no to all of those 3 questions for very good reasons, you can still change your axis of being in a second - and freefall all the faster into infinity. The universe does not blame. Pure love does not even bother to explain. It just acts, continually self informs, recalibrates and purifies, whatever it finds. So must we. This is the only dynamic, here from the very beginning. A diet and a regimen without any intrusion … it’s called “trust your instinct” and it’s called “course correct”.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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