Money & leaving the matrix.

Put money in the proper place, reperspectivise abundance and navigate the crumbling financial system. Public talk from Kennet Valley Hall, UK.

3 events.

How do we tap into our own financial abundance & truly support ourselves? Nov 17, 2018
Activate the 2 key aspects of truly financially supporting ourselves – getting our patterns deleted then taking the practical steps on the physical, emotional, mental…
How do we value and charge for our skills and time? Nov 17, 2018
Value yourself and charge based on empathy, understanding, the wish to collaborate, and the human context: covering your financial needs while operating out of the…
How do we cope with the collapse of services and institutions? Nov 17, 2018
Make the practical steps now needed to transition through the uncomfortable but positive changes occurring on this planet as we move into a higher vibration.…
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