As you know, it is the way of things.

Jan 19, 2023

When you speak the truth people attack you and try to take you down. They can’t help it. Their own stuff comes up and they have to face themselves. It is not easy for anybody and we have to have compassion. But no is no. Yes is not no. And no is not yes. There is such confusion in the world that now the negative is held up as positive and the positive is held up as negative. Those who slander and defame are held up as doing everyone a favour. Those who give everything they have, try their best, and have deep love and care are denounced as the enemy. Patience and endurance. It does not matter. Purity sustains, it will always be here and even the lost, in the end, will find their place. This world is age old and nature silently watches. It has no problems alongside humans who make such trouble for themselves. The way of nature is love itself, uncompromising, fierce and tender. It never supports what should not be supported. That is the way of things … whether people realise or not.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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