[SIR] Nepal by Ernesto Fiks - music only.

Nov 11, 2023

With Ernesto Fiks. Experience the musical compositions of the October 2023 Silent immersion retreat from Nepal on the universal light. The artist is the Costa Rican jazz musician, visual and sound designer Ernesto Fiks. All pieces are copyrighted and Ernesto receives 100% of your donation. This album contains 9 tracks:

  • 01 Universal light
  • 02 Guru Rinpoche
  • 03 This is the call
  • 04 Swayambhu
  • 05 Boudhnath
  • 06 The light never ends
  • 07 Pashupatinath
  • 08 Nirmanakaya
  • 09 Annapurna

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Name: Ernesto Fiks.

Included: 9 mp3 links (27 mins).


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