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Welcome to the purification space.

The future is positive

You are needed. In my proximity, you plug directly into just the purity of yourself and shed everything else in the way. Through joining the events I offer, you recreate yourself; embody pure love; automatically purify and self heal; and powerfully shape this planet and your societies. 

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How to use this website

Join the Reboot group. Then add on the next Special event. You can top up any time. Next, power up with my past events in the Library. When things get tough, request Immediate assistance. 

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Joining an event

Always add yourself first. You can also sign up someone or something else - even gift them a purification. Plus you can add a Specific focus, according to the event. My gifts are given freely and everything I offer is entirely by donation.

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Reboot group

Personal purifications. Always join the Reboot group first. This takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays with any recording afterwards. Both groups are the same, just that a different track is produced each time. There are 2 ways to join: the Recurring Reboot and Choose your dates.

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Special events

Upgrade your biology. These events strengthen your ability to absorb pure love. You can often submit questions ahead. Reawaken is the main Special event, which it's good to use as a model to do yourself, alone. 

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Go deeper. Power up and embody additional specific frequencies to reawaken all beings. Develop your own embodiment of pure love.

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Immediate assistance

When things get tough. This is a short laser-like intense purification for sudden emergencies or on a certain date. 

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Get involved. Join the Oracle Girl community, connect worldwide with people in the purification space, and much more. Purify public and inside spaces with Oracle Girl streetwear and accessories from Gee Tee or order Oracle Girl artwork.

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