It's all about us.

There's something going on. And nature and the planet are being destroyed.

You can focus on what needs to change in this world and this will happen if your wish is entirely in line with nature's principles. This is because you have an internal purification space, waiting for these times, which automatically transmutes whatever you add into its mechanism.

As a result you will upgrade your own biology and embody a whole new frequency on the planet, which you've already got instructions for, inside you. First your own identity setting will purify, complete with personal issues; then those of your family and near environment; and finally the place where you were born.

Through your own self-experience, you'll come to realise more deeply how this universe works and how everything you've been told is not quite what you thought. And most of all you'll understand what I mean when I say: "the future is positive". Perhaps you know already. You were born for these times ...

There's 2 things you need to do.

Join the Reboot group first and sign up for the newsletter. I only work in groups; I work entirely by donation; and there's no personal feedback.

After this, join any of my events in the Library to power up with additional frequencies. You can request Immediate assistance or send a top-up any time. We also have a fantastic global Oracle Girl community and some great streetwear, artwork and accessories.

Much love x

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