Rejuvenate groups.

Cellular regeneration & physical health issues.

6 events

Food, pure love & no harm. Mar 13, 2020
Place eating, food and doing no harm right back in the centre of your existence from the right perspective. Reclaim the pure love which is…
Rewriting viral fatigue. Nov 18, 2019
Rewrites your ability to receive, process and generate the infinite supply of energy in this universe. Release your identification with the physical symptoms of viral…
Cellular regeneration, the pineal gland & supporting nutritive biochemistry. Jun 24, 2019
Reverse the degenerative pathway of disease. Harness the light-bearing capacity of your pineal gland and bring your body biochemistry back in line with your self-healing…
Digestive issues & nutrition. Jun 24, 2019
Reverse digestive issues and gives greater understanding of how nutrition pathways fit into your light-bearing apparatus. Supporting purification track from Rejuvenate group 2.
Back issues. Feb 25, 2019
Reprogramme your spinal cord, backbone, upper back and the back side of your body. Main purification track from Rejuvenate group 1.
Self healing activation for physical issues. Feb 25, 2019
Activate your own self healing capacity; generate the new much higher frequencies for transmuting the impulses that work against the materialisation of your purity; and…