[SIR] Earth grid, religion & the gold frequency by Ernesto Fiks - music only.

Nov 6, 2022

With Ernesto Fiks. Experience the musical compositions of the October 2022 Silent immersion retreat from Switzerland, Rome and Berlin on the Earth grid, religion and the gold frequency.

The artist is the Costa Rican jazz musician, visual and sound designer Ernesto Fiks.

This album contains 7 tracks:

  • 01 Time to take control
  • 02 At the core of your being
  • 03 Self actualise
  • 04 Purify Berlin
  • 05 Purify Rome
  • 06 Purify Zürich
  • 07 A loving presence

All pieces are copyrighted and Ernesto receives 100% of your donation.

Theme: Gold frequency.

Name: Ernesto Fiks.

Included: 7 mp3s (15 mins).


My gifts are given freely and any donation is entirely voluntary. Deciding your donation.Change currency.


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