Immediate assistance.

Immediate assistance.

Receive a short laser-like intense purification for sudden emergencies or on a certain date. 

Event details.

This is a one-off, any-time purification in addition to your Reboot group. In my proximity, you, someone or something else receives purification and a short intense burst of self healing from your / their own source connection. You will also receive a separate email with your Specific focus in it.

  • It's a remote event. There's no live link or Q&A.
  • Your email receipt is your confirmation. There is no other communication.
  • Sign up yourself, someone or something else. For a full list of options and how to fill this out see my Specific focus page.
  • Any Specific focus does not appear on your receipt. Please note you cannot update your Specific focus once it has been submitted.
  • Give as you wish: choose according to what you feel in line with your financial situation. You can also send a top-up whenever you wish or simply make a gift of support another time. To find out more see the Your donation page.
  • Remember, you are giving a donation and this is for your purification. There are no refunds for a donation. You are not buying or paying for a product or a service. 
  • New to me? Join the Reboot group for best results.

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Say thank you. Make environmental projects and gifts of support possible. Deciding your donation.Change currency.



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