Everything you need to know.


I naturally, perpetually and spontaneously emit a purity signal. Everything I do and say therefore automatically functions within the scope of frequency correction and realignment only. I am not able to change or heal anything. Nature decides. I am not spiritual, enlightened or political.

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Fair use & sharing

Feel free to share, recommend and meet socially. I want you to share my sign-up links, not my materials so you don't carry the energetic burden of someone else's purification. All of my events, and materials are for personal use only.

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Privacy policy

We always endeavour to collect and store the barest minimum of data that can be traced back to you as a person and to store this for the shortest amount of time possible. We never share or sell your personal data.

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Social media statement

Oracle Girl has official pages on various social media platforms. Any other groups are entirely unofficial. The companies behind these platforms receive a purification, including any followers interacting with Oracle Girl pages.

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