Time for a new future.

Purify your source connection; change this planet.



You can harness your own source connection, direct and steer your own reality. Life should be one of joy and new adventures but rarely is this the case. This is because, within your source connection there are complicating factors, resonating at a very particular frequency, which unless they are transmuted, will undermine the quality of your life and everything you try to do. That transmutation is what we call a purification. It requires someone with a very special ability to do this and there are only a very few people as yet who can truly do this.


My look, word and touch are highly purifying. As soon as you connect with me - with or without donating - your purification begins. What happens is actually a mystery. If you tune in or choose to join one of my events, you are consciously connecting with me and placing yourself closer to my vibration for attention, wherever I am in the world - and the possibility of any changes that contact may trigger. You have a personal signature, and I feel that connection, whoever and wherever you are.

How does it work? In the presence of my vibration, you potentiate around me, then release what is limiting and confining you. It’s a little like 2 tuning forks: strike one and the other starts to hum at the same pitch, shedding every other frequency. I do not “do” anything to you: I do not take anything out or put anything into you. You simply plug more deeply into your own self - and in resonance with my vibration - this movement purifies out whatever is holding you back.



Everything I am and everything I do is the same, including my events. Just choose the one you most feel. You will automatically purify however you connect with me. It is up to you how much you reach out to me.


Any donation is entirely voluntary. If you wish to give, do so according to your feeling.


Firstly, it is important to understand that all family patterns, health problems, personal issues and unwanted influences are now slowly expiring in these high frequency times. After that, what happens as a result of you coming into contact with me is between you and the source of your own being. It is not under my control. In general, my purification goes to the deepest place of need first, then, your request to the extent that it is in alignment at this moment in time. How much your life changes depends on how much there is to transmute and how quickly you adopt new, more aligned behaviours.

When the blocks, personal issues, illnesses, family patterns and unwanted influences purify out of your source connection, you directly embody the Source itself, restoring love, peace, health and happiness on this planet. This is the quickest, most direct, and most powerful way to change the world around you.
— Jacqueline



Anyone can ask for help. You can be physically present or absent, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, and you can be awake, busy or asleep. You can ask for help just for yourself or you can ask for help for someone you know; a pet or animal; a house, business, land/estate, institution or place; someone you don't know; or even someone dead. It can be for an unborn, baby or young child; a teenager; an adult or someone in later years. You don't have to be spiritual or religious and any situation or problem can purify, including physical health problems. What lies at the root of a problem always gets attended to first, then everything slowly refines down into what you asked for. So it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got anything specific you need help with or don’t know what to ask for. Everything is already taken care of.


Concern for others is natural. You can tell another you have asked for help for them or leave it if they are not open to it. Anything that happens will only occur in line with their own source connection. If someone doesn’t know about your request, you need to do the aftercare for them. Focus on them lightly at the beginning of any group, purification track or salt bath.



I have always had this very unique ability, but just like everybody, it has taken time to learn how not to compromise who I am. Some people have asked me if I am a divine being, enlightened or even an alien. I am actually your future self, come back in time to meet you. Everybody is waking up now. You are a superhuman with full self-healing capacities and we are heading into a time where the rising vibration is revealing the entire spectrum of the human being. So I am just a little ahead: an example of what everyone is moving towards. In general, I model a new way of being on this planet.


I love to be in nature. I have a PhD in Social Anthropology (calendars & nature time). I used my gifts alongside working in Early Childhood, teaching and teacher training for many years before doing this full time. I have spent a lot of time in Asia, particularly China. I like silence, music, walking, fruit, flowers and watching the birds.