Time for a new future.

Purify your source connection; change this planet.



Some people have asked me if I am a divine being, enlightened or even an alien. I am actually your future self, come back in time, to meet you. You are a superhuman with full self-healing capacities and we are now moving into a time where the rising vibration is revealing the entire spectrum of the human being. So I am simply a version of who or what everyone is moving towards. In the presence of my vibration you potentiate around me, then shed what is limiting and confining you. It’s a little like 2 tuning forks: strike one and the other starts to hum at the same pitch, shedding every other frequency. You have your own source connection with everything you need; it can purify and realign with the Source itself; and this is what changes the future. Your body is essentially a specialised piece of divine apparatus which perpetually scans forwards and materialises new possibilities out of the unlimited field of existence. Release blocks, personal issues, illnesses, family patterns and unwanted influences from your source connection … and you directly embody the Source itself … restoring love, peace, health and happiness on this planet.



Anyone can ask for help. You can be physically present or absent, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, and you can be awake, busy or asleep. You can ask for help just for yourself or you can ask for help for someone you know; a pet or animal; a house, business, land/estate, institution or place; someone you don't know; or even someone dead. It can be for an unborn, baby or young child; a teenager; an adult or someone in later years. You don't have to be spiritual or religious and any situation or problem can purify, including physical health problems. What lies at the root of a problem always gets attended to first, then everything slowly refines down into what you asked for. So it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got anything specific you need help with or don’t know what to ask for. Everything is already taken care of.


Concern for others is natural. You can tell another you have asked for help for them or leave it if they are not open to it. Anything that happens will only occur in line with their own source connection. If someone doesn’t know about your request, you need to do the aftercare for them. Focus on them lightly at the beginning of any group, purification track or salt bath.



All events are the same. Just choose the one you most feel. You will automatically purify whichever one you join. The key is to be consistent: try to join regularly since just once will not be enough.


All family patterns, health problems personal issues and unwanted influences are now expiring in these high frequency times. Within that, how much your life changes depends on how much there is to transmute and how quickly you adopt new, more aligned behaviours. I do not control what happens as a result of you coming into contact me. When you ask me for help, you get what you most need first. And in the end, you always get what you asked for or something better.


Choose the amount according to your feeling and what you can genuinely afford. It is better to give a small amount and go on recurring donation than join me just one time. You can always top up later via Quick Donate.