The breakdown of polarisation.

Apr 19, 2021

Live chat with David Khan. Finally drop fear, penetrate the facade of control and delete the frequencies dividing us. Establish and open to new opportunities, principles, resources and new realities amidst a fast-motion breakdown of external power structures and authority. Hear a little more about the Leaf People; life predating the Flood; and the nature of historical timelines. Realise the significance of meteors and what was going on around the time of the plague and the Middle Ages. Align more deeply with the superordinary you and develop a deeper understanding of the real you and the purification space. 

Water dissolves. It washes away. Even the hardest thing is smoothed and finally, its previous form no longer exists. The planetary system which Earth is a part of, is changing. It is purifying. You decided this. It is not something outside of you happening to you. You are controlling it. The water in your body will carry the intelligence of 2 suns. A sixth element will change the form of the human body. Polarisation will cease, transforming the magnetic set-up of your being. And at the final point, the skies will turn completely red.

For this is the Time of the Red Sun. Mother Earth will speak and a wall of water will stop the world in its tracks. Every being and every system must now fit into this new dynamic which you have decreed. Many will leave. The financial system will change 3 times over, trapping those who take the medicalisation within it. In the end it will fail. The Church will fall. All religions will be left behind and replaced by the frequency of pure love and nature’s principles.

Flow like water and simply go with the current. The faster you abandon what negatively controls, the less pain there will be.

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Event: April 2021 Silent immersion retreat; Live chats; Silent immersion retreats; Special events.

Theme: April 2021 Silent immersion retreat; Live chats; Silent immersion retreats; Special events; Global issues.

Name: David Khan.

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