Karmic delete.

Essential body upgrades for these times.

8 events.

Karmic delete 8: Money, slavery & the economy of love. Mar 17, 2022
Live chat with David Khan. Tap into the root of the new financial system and the currency of care. Separate from a purely commodity-based lifestyle…
Karmic delete 7: Nature's world order. Dec 27, 2020
Live chat with David Khan. Use the first of these 3 special Karmic deletes to focus your upgrades from Karmic delete 1-6 for eliminating the…
Karmic delete 6: source connection upgrade. Sep 10, 2020
Finally dismantle the upper centres and reset the source connection frequency of each and every human being. Listen in conjunction with Karmic delete 6.2 -…
Karmic delete 5: higher body centres delete. Aug 8, 2020
Focus on the karmic delete of destructive tendencies in the upper body possible through the higher centres. Clear the processing centres of your physical body…
Karmic delete 4: brain & spinal cord upgrade + Earth grid realignment. Dec 26, 2019
Upgrade your brain and spinal cord ready for receiving the karmic delete of programmes of harm in the higher centres.
Karmic delete 3: source connection recalibration. Aug 8, 2018
Upgrade the overall wiring of your physical body to receive the new source connection frequencies possible through the lower centres.
Karmic delete 2: lower body centres delete. Jun 26, 2018
Focus on the karmic delete of egoic tendencies in the lower body possible through the lower centres: in line with consciousness turning direct. Clear the…
Karmic delete 1: nervous system reset & Earth grid realignment. Jun 13, 2018
Upgrade your nervous system and realign with the Earth grid in line with consciousness turning direct. Strip out the blocks in your nervous system to…
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