Reboot group.

Reboot group.

Every Wednesday and Saturday. 12 AM — 11:59 PM UTC
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Personal purifications. Physically re-enter this reality in quadrality minus the slave self. Embody your own purity via your own source connection and your own self healing ability. Live the timeline of the positive future where there are no interdimensional energies controlling you and false identities, family patterns and personal issues simply melt away.

Event details.

Please note: during October 2023, Reboot emails may be delayed due to me being in the wilderness during the Silent immersion retreat. Read more here.

This group is a 24 hour event, twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays for initiating yourself into the way of purity.

  • Read the New to me? page first, before joining.

  • The focus of this event is purification.

  • It's a remote event. There's no live link or Q&A.
  • Last sign-up: midnight on Tuesday or Friday UTC.
  • Add someone else via the Gift option if you want them to receive my email afterwards. Or, sign them up separately under their own name and your email address, if they wouldn't appreciate or want the email.
  • During the purification you will be sent an event email with a link to any recording or transcript available.

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