Reboot group.

Reboot group.

Every Wednesday and Saturday. 12 AM — 11:59 PM UTC
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Personal purifications. Physically re-enter this reality at a new much higher frequency minus the slave self. Embody your own purity, automatically shedding the identities, family patterns and personal issues controlling you, your loved ones, and your family line.

Event details.

This group is twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You, someone or something else receives deep self healing from your / their own source connection. There's also a purification track afterwards, focusing in the area most needed right now for all beings, including yourself. 

Please note this event is no longer offered by subscription. If you are on the Reboot group and still donating by subscription, see below.

  • It's a remote event. There's no live link or Q&A. Last sign-up: midnight on Tuesday or Friday UTC.
  • Do sign up even if you are busy at the time. You still purify and you can listen later.
  • Fill out your Specific focus, which will not appear on your receipt. It will be emailed separately for your privacy and can be updated any time on that email.
  • Choose however many dates you wish to join, in any combination. There's no difference between Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Tell me who / what this is for. Then decide your donation amount per date. Remember, your donation is for your purification. It is not a payment for goods or services.
  • An email with your track and transcript links will be sent after 6:00pm UTC.
  • New to me? Make sure you understand how I work.


The Reboot group is no longer available by subscription.

If you are in the Reboot group and still on subscription, you need to sign up for the new Reboot on this page by December 15 in order to stay in the group.

  • Sign up for the new Reboot on this page first. Check you have received an email confirmation. That's it!
  • If you have used the same email address as before, we will cancel your old Reboot subscription for you unless you want to do it yourself via the old Donor account. If you have used a new email address, you need to cancel your old Reboot subscription yourself in the old Donor account.
  • Please note that after December 15, if you have not signed up for the new Reboot on this page, you will no longer receive a purification from me or a purification track. We will permanently sever all subscription(s) still running.
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