Supermoon groups.

Earth changes & nature cycles.

4 events.

The purity of crystalline waters. Apr 27, 2021
Link into the energy of the sun within. Discover and bring forward the sixth element within you. Switch on the settings for greater self sufficiency…
Apr 2021 Pink supermoon. Apr 27, 2021
Harness yourself as a dreamer with the power of the ocean and the materialisation of Mother Earth consciousness; the 6th element. Upgrade your pineal gland…
Golden consciousness. Oct 16, 2020
Close out dependency settings on the old system within your personal field and ease in the part of you which will form the new communities…
We are the guardians of the future. Apr 8, 2020
Engage with the practical courses of action necessary to deal with the move by previously more hidden forces to complete a global takeover. 
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