Harnessing will power

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Dear all

You can feel that you can’t take another step … and yet you do. Other times, you push even harder … and you splinter and break. How do you keep going?

The answer is that in this peak moments of unbearable pressure, something else - the part of you outside of your family patterns and personal issues - picks you up and carries you through.

The whole spectrum of your being has infinite endurance; reserves of power beyond your imagination; and will push you to the very limit of your being. But it is only this pushing - the demand of your very own deepest self - to embody your uniqueness and take its place in the world which will see you succeed.

So in the purification space you can trust the process however hard; however much you see, hear, think and fear; and however many times you fall down or doubt yourself.

Harnessing willpower is about that opening which comes when you go beyond your limits of energy, capacity and self belief; one way or another. This recording brings online the rest of you which as yet you have not been able to draw on, bringing the future you, which is full of light, rapidly into the present.

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I am always purifying. My tracks take any personal purification deeper and using one enables you to start harnessing your own source connection. Remember that you are also listening for your ancestors and your family line, just as much as for yourself.

Play while you meditate, do things, lie in the bath … until all the words go in without losing awareness or falling asleep. Listen for yourself or for someone else, naming them silently within at the beginning. You can also play the recording with the sound turned down in the background, while you are busy or sleeping.

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