Apr 8, 2024

Post April 8 self care. Wasn't it spectacular? [Thank you to the person who snapped the above live in Montreal]. Hopefully you've been able to catch some recorded eclipse footage if you missed it. Please be aware that in the aftermath of this eclipse you may find your feelings and attitudes to some people and things around you may be quite changed - and it can take time to realise exactly what, where and why this is. Huge opportunities can suddenly open up which give you what you want and you may have to drop the smaller you and any inability to receive and take your full power. You may know you need to make a change somewhere and be scared to do so. Environments where you don't belong may eject you. Or you may realise you're not really what you've been saying and doing - and you need a different pathway. All of these things are good. It's also important from now on to be even more aware of where the boundary lies for you between respect for nature and being directly involved in abusing it.

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