Action in line with nature.

Jan 6, 2021

8 months ago, a few seeds were placed in the ground. From this one small act grew an amazing community called De Bedding and the non-profit organisation, In Line With Nature. Evi & Matthias found an incredible house, jumping into the unknown, without even being able to afford the rent. The landlady agreed to lower the cost for the first 2 months, someone lent the money to pay the 3 month warranty, and the journey began. Despite a great deal of nervousness and facing a lot of fear ... now the community is large enough to cover basic expenses. How did it happen? Everything evolved step by step. All the people in the house are in the purification space. They received a harpist, helping him to set up a music studio, website and YouTube channel. The money came for the pre-payment for the oil for heating and the costs to register the organisation. They were all longing for more physical movement and within a week an excellent yoga facilitator joined who offers a type of yoga supporting embodiment, inspired by Kaiut yoga. Next came an open source platform builder who designs software to create social platforms where people can find each other by offer-demand. Someone invested in a 9 metre polytunnel for the garden; two more people joined; then a space was created where business people could come and work in return for a small contribution. De Bedding is now firmly established and the hope is to design an app by donation for sourcing and sharing excess local food ... 

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