Critical research.

Feb 25, 2024

My PhD took me 8 years to prepare for, research and write my thesis. My final chapter, yielded a set of important public articles, still often quoted today. In it I analysed indigenous climate histories that the Chukholka nomads of Amdo gave me about the radical weather change affecting their yak. As a result I made many people deeply question the global warming hypothesis. Some recent comments: Reading this gives me even more confidence in the work of J, thank you ... Read that Jacqueline did her PhD at Cambridge university in 2011, she must have been around 40. Respect! Made me smile to read about her topics, the Milkbird and Anthropology meets Biology on the Tibetan plateau. Of course, it’s not difficult to read that this article is about research into real climate change, not the artificial created ‘climate change agenda’. Big difference.

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