Awakening dragons!

Jun 4, 2023

As a result of Dragon quest last Immersion and your requests in the June message, I have decided to extend the next Reawaken 9 event by 40 minutes and answer any questions you have about doing Reawaken by yourself via our live chat. It can take us a while to figure it all out! Meanwhile listen to what this person realised last month about how some beings on this planet already know about Reawaken far more than we do: Dear Jacqueline, I got married during the Immersion. My niece and my new granddaughters from my husband's side met for the first time and they invented a fantastic game that they played for hours. I was amazed when they showed me what they were doing. The game was called "awakening dragons". The had 2 plastic dragons that had to take baths in different tubs of water at different temperatures. Afterwards, they (the dragons) had to lie in the sun, belly upwards. That's how they were awakened. Isn't it amazing how in sync those children are?

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