Bye bye YouTube.

Feb 25, 2022

Soon, I will stop using YouTube. We will migrate all of our videos to a new arrangement. You'll still be able to watch all your replays but you'll access them through an updated watch link. Over the next few weeks, my team will email you with a new watch link for each past event you have ever joined.

You can easily download any video to your device via the new watch links. There is a link below the video to do this if you wish. You may have your own downloaded copies already - in which case there's nothing to do. However, if you have saved previous events to your own playlist on YouTube, soon these will be no longer available.

After the Silent immersion retreat, you'll be able to attend all my events live via this website, rather than on YouTube. You'll receive your watch link by email - just like before. We are very excited about this development!