Clearing your body lines.

Oct 5, 2022

Resonate with the purity in all beings. Take on that harmony where everything is put right, which lies at the core of your being. Purify whatever has attempted to draw on the pristine forces of nature through the Earth grid. Push back and disconnect from identification with what is wrong with yourself, the world and others and let it purify spontaneously via the gold frequency and your self healing ability instead.

You are on a mission, which you may well have forgotten. You are cleaning up the Earth grid by cleaning up your body lines - the Earth pathways running through your physical form. This grid is the key to everything. You set the grid ... and your conscious volition in the face of negative patterns and what should not be ... determines the voltages it carries ... raising Earth's frequency. This then clears your body lines and family patterns.

The frequencies of nature's Earth grid are spirallic. And you are what issues through it, generating the gold frequency: pure love itself made real through Earth's electromagnetic body. Activities and structures convened over these physical points store and transmit the radiance, light and space on which the human spirit feeds. We are stepping back into these spaces - claiming these frequencies - also transmuting whatever is there which shouldn't be.

Inevitably others have appropriated these locations, broadcasting their own mixed signals of love and hate. Those of purity following those pathways will inevitably reform religion and spirituality from the inside out taking it to new heights. Everyone is in their correct position, living in quadrality and purifying the 'poor me story', which stands in the way of that open, loving, pristine space in which the spark of infinity self-reveals.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Clearing & protection; Gold frequency; Nature, planet & all beings.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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