Bullying & victimhood.

Apr 24, 2021

Recalibrate bullying scenarios, restoring all parties to independence in their own source connection, however damaged. Push out the people and influences attempting to take you over and who are using you as a battery pack. Re-draw boundaries on all sides in the correct position for rebuilding yourself, and others. Take full responsibility and operate only on the basis of inclusion rooted in equalness, integrity and respect. 

Bullying goes hand-in-hand with victimhood and is always about someone having been knocked out of their body by another influence. Just as they have become a battery for someone else, they attempt to do the same thing to others.

The characteristic of a bully is that they cannot tolerate other viewpoints and that they use force and control, under any banner, to assert their own hegemony and extract your power. They take no responsibility for their own actions and are usually filled up with spirits of the dead - perhaps even actively working with them and consulting them - which lends them even more position, strength and seemingly indomitable influence.

This invasive force must be dealt with - but in a way that there is no counter-action. Merely resisting or attempting to repel always turns into fighting and hooks you back into what attempts to take you over. Restoration of independent source connection is the key. This can be a very slow journey for the person concerned, because effectively, they are possessed and are terrified to face their own selves, because no one is there any longer … and someone or some ‘thing’ else, is. Meanwhile you must be able to physically emit the high frequency purity signal necessary for recalibration, which does not in any way entangle with the other party yourself, regardless of how much you are involved with them. This always means, additionally, adopting highly consistent measures which only allow participation on truly equal terms.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Crisis, pain & challenge; Dead energies.

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