The nature of recalibration.

Jun 18, 2022

Finally close the door on who and what you think "is" and "should be" and relax into who everyone including yourself, actually is. Stay in your body while cleanly separating from your own dysfunctional patterns and dead energies. Honour bonds of affection, soften and open while losing a false self-identity, which has nurtured and nourished you up to this point, but no longer fits. Remain still and calm while your whole reality inverts - and what you thought was the inside-out, is revealed as the outside-in.

It can be very challenging to remain in integrity while physically recalibrating. Vast amounts of ages-old suppressed emotion will suddenly flush through your personal field, clouding your judgment if you attach to it. The force of the purification can cause you to strongly project redundant patterns on to others and hold on to your old self. This can do great harm - with the risk that you will end up having to repeat all of the patterns which are actually leaving.

Along with this, dead energies which have become entangled with your personal field will transmute extremely rapidly. This very real physical and emotional experience can make you feel like you yourself are dying and need to reject important things or living people close to you - to get rid of them in order to stay alive. You will definitely sustain: it is just unwanted, non-physical frequencies and invasions - partial aspects of you - which are finally meeting their end. For some quite literally it can be like a struggle to the death  ... or fighting for air. We must be careful to stay as balanced, calm and neutral as we can.

The closing stages of release contain the most tension and velocity, requiring extreme vigilance. What is always revealed regardless of the situation is that what you thought was true ... isn't ... and a whole outdated version of you yourself is dying. The key to this is re-entering reality at the embodied frequency of love: abandoning a fixed self which always constructs false notions of reality and then has to coerce, bully, blame and accuse in order to continue to dominate. This is quadrality and the real reason why some traditional cultures place so much emphasis on your final thoughts at the point of body death.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups; Core issues; Crisis, pain & challenge; Dead energies.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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