Landscape, context & conflict.

Jul 13, 2022

Step back and surrender into a higher course of action. Let go of persistent problems which have been turning up for years. Harness the dynamic of nature itself, reconnecting with timing, interconnection and the movement of pure love through your whole life situation. Release yourself from bitter conflict, seemingly irresolvable situations, and heal the deepest wounds which may well be ancient.

Sometimes the best way to resolve a problem in the valley is to climb up on to one of the hilltops. Or, put another way, best not to refurbish a bicycle when you need to be driving a 4-by-4. At the most challenging of times we can endure very painful situations, complete with extreme abuse frequencies that are obviously running someone else. Often the situation is recurrent and it is abundantly clear the second party is already on self-destruct. In this situation, it is loosening and surrendering into the diffculty to let it resolve another way, which can be the best way forward.

All conflict resides at a certain setting and this lies within a certain context or energetic tapestry. That tapestry is in fact an entire landscape which runs through and affects every being on the planet. It is often the frequency setting of all humanity which is changing - not just any 2 individuals battling it out as the 2 last chess pieces. A problem in a relationship or a workplace is often to do with something in the actual land or the place a business or family is sited or connected to. Sometimes we need to act elsewhere first or then the next step for action will show up in a completely different arena. 

Ultimately nature decides and this is often wholly about timing. Another piece of the jigsaw may need to shift first or be about something or someone else. Things need to release elsewhere and often our attention must refocus on a much bigger picture. There may well be a different problem which is intimately interconnected to the current one we are experiencing. When we hand this over to the capacity of our own source connection, at the frequency of pure love, to undo, change and overcome anything, suddenly the universe moves us in the correct direction. Forward motion opens up where everyone will ultimately succeed.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Crisis, pain & challenge; Success & taking control.

Included: 1 mp3 link (19 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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