Give as you wish.

An act of love.

For everyone

My gifts are freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary. Anyone can join an event regardless of their income. 

  • You can send a top-up whenever you wish.
  • Any donation is final. There are no refunds. You choose to give a donation and it is unconditional.

Deciding your donation

Check in with yourself and decide if and what to give based on what is actually there in your own body - not anybody else's system. This is how you align more deeply with purity and nature's principles; choose; take responsibility; act out of your own personal sovereignty; and exercise your own autonomy.

  • You can choose your amount according to what naturally comes up that moment or what you genuinely feel in line with your financial situation.
  • You will often have a figure in mind.

Is it free?

You decide what to give. This is different from me deciding and you having no choice. So choosing an amount is about volition, feeling, and you deciding the value. That's different from there being a fixed amount, zero or otherwise. That's a charge, which is all about the world of payments.

Value & worth

A purification is a precious opportunity and inestimable in terms of what can become possible. It builds and grows - and keeps on giving far beyond the moment you come across my work. This is all about the abundance of nature, the unseen, and outcomes unknown. Any financial amount rests on the bond of affection that is generated. 

Donations not payments

In the purification space you receive what you need - then you give what your body tells you. You choose - and you give as you wish. So you are not "paying" in order to "get something". You are receiving something you can already have, which is very precious. You honour this by putting in the financial amount you feel - in order for more of that amazing experience to continue. 

Giving back

I reinvest nearly all of your donations back into Oracle Girl. I also strongly believe in giving, especially to nature and local food projects.