Your frequency determines what happens to you. After an event you need to re-set your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in line with your purification. You can also attend my Aftercare events to support you.


  • Listen to the Reboot and do Reawaken daily.
  • World situation first, personal matters second.
  • Focus on human rights + freedom of speech.
  • Secure local food autonomy; share!

Do the right thing

  • Actively support those doing great things.
  • Withdraw support from not such great things.
  • Do more things without money.
  • Minimise negative impacts on nature.

Speak up

  • Say no. Clearly.
  • Silence is complicity. It's not spiritual.
  • Focus on the real problems.
  • Don't turn on each other over small things.

Use challenge & discomfort

  • Identify where you're uncomfortable.
  • Push into it. Work out where fear controls you.
  • Take that power back in small practical steps.
  • Correct your close relationships.

Shift gears

  • You already purify. Act there.
  • No more working on yourself or processing.
  • You have to do it. No one else will.
  • It's not wrong to help. It's how you help.