Add someone or something.

A precious gift.

Should I add someone?

Yes, definitely. Compassionate heartfelt wishes for others are very important and acting on them raises the vibration of the planet. The important thing is that we do this healthily in the right way.

  • Nature's principles and the person's own source connection decide whether the purification occurs.
  • If it's not applicable, the purification will go where it's most needed or not occur at all.

3 main ways

Always join the Reboot group first. Then, you can sign up others to any event too. In order not to carry the emotional burden of the purification yourself:

  1. Add someone or something to the Specific focus in your own Reboot group for just a couple of weeks;
  2. Sign up larger issues and people in great need in a separate Reboot group; or
  3. Sign them up for any Special event if the topic relates to their situation.

How to do it

  • Enter the person's name or thing under Who / what is this for?
  • Type in their email address under the Gift option if you want them to receive my email with the event materials. You can add a personal message too if you wish. If they want more afterwards, they should join the Reboot group by themselves.
  • Or, enter your email address if they wouldn't want the email. You will receive the event email with the event materials - not them.

Avoid shopping lists!

When you add someone or something to a purification, the objective is not to have multiple Specific focuses or huge numbers of Reboot group sign-ups for others. It is to listen deeply to who and what is already naturally there in you. The point is for everything to always match your body.