Specific focus.

Materialising new realities.

What is a Specific focus?

You add a Specific focus to calibrate a purification. This puts you in control, powering up your self healing ability at the multiple power of the group. Together, we achieve more; faster and more efficiently. Everyone's individual purification is also much more powerful than any 121 with less detox.

  • In the Reboot group and with Immediate assistance, you type your Specific focus when you sign up.
  • You update your Specific focus via a dedicated Specific focus email, sent separately for your privacy. 
  • Click on the update button in your Specific focus email. You can write a new focus and then press "Submit". A copy will come back to your email account as a record.
  • If you add someone to the Reboot group separately, you can add a Specific focus for them too (but not with the Gift option).
  • At online events, we do our Specific focus together at the start. 

Naming a Specific focus.

You can't get it wrong. If it's not right, it doesn't happen. Whoever the purification is for, go with what comes up immediately in your body: no visualisation, prayers, efforting or 'shopping lists' of desires based on personal thinking or emotions. Only a light touch is needed. Keep it short and succinct. If you are not sure, state: "Area of greatest need".

  • What wells up? No shopping lists. Stay true to your body at the time.
  • You can identify what needs to materialise; succeed or resolve and change. E.g. a new house or creative opportunities; more discernment; success with a project or event; global tyranny; killing dolphins; a health concern; relationship problems; food addiction; jealousy; etc.
  • Or pose a question: Why is X not speaking to me? How will I find X to achieve X?
  • It doesn't matter what language you use.

Even writing that specific focus out, i feel my energy shift, and my heart open.

Adding someone else to your own Specific focus.

You can add one or 2 people to your own Specific focus, for a short period, according to your confidence in your own ability to purify.

  • It's best to add someone only if they have a minor issue, which you can take out after a week or 2.

Adding family & children.

Always add yourself before adding your children. If you clean up, they clean up too. In general children need shorter spells in the Reboot - just go with your feeling.

  • If it is a serious issue or you want to add them longer term, add them separately.
  • If it is a small issue, add family members and / or children to your own Specific focus in the Reboot group for one or 2 weeks.
  • If you have adopted children, they will purify exactly the same as if they were your biological children.
  • Add parents when it feels right. This will lighten your own burden substantially: up to 90% of your issues have never been yours.