What to expect.

Diving in.

On the day

It doesn't matter what you are doing. You may be sleeping. Hydrate well in the right way for you. Sometimes you feel nothing, that is OK. You may feel tired. If so, try to have an early night.

  • If you're attending an online event, be completely ready in advance.
  • Stay aware of your own body and your own sense of self throughout.
  • No need to change a thing, inside or outside. Any sounds, happenings, internet or technical issues are all part of the purification.

Your reaction

Any reaction (yours or mine) is always the purification in action. From this perspective, my words are neither true nor false. 

  • A negative reaction is something stuck in you beginning to purify. Don't touch it! It's not you. Let it pass.
  • A positive reaction is where you are embodying more love. Enjoy it - and don't get too attached to that either!


These often come just as you are strengthening so you choose how you want to be, reset and integrate your greater power. 

  • When there is pain and difficulty, this is what is leaving, rather than it not working.
  • A sudden unexpected event confirms that things are changing. Just because it's unpleasant doesn't mean it's wrong.
  • It helps you to get more fully conscious, examine yourself deeply and take healthy control before you overbalance. 


Sometimes loved ones and difficult situations which need addressing will suddenly come up out of nowhere.

  • Others / things may kick off. They are being forced to repattern in your proximity.
  • Those close to you might become emotional or try to provoke a reaction from you to “get you back”.

Sometimes I will upset you

I am a phase conjugate mirror. I amplify, dismantle and reflect back so that you realign and connect back more deeply only with your own purity. 

  • It's healthy to question and you should. Take your time. Whatever the conclusion, it should always be yours. 
  • What comes up isn't you and it isn't me. It's just what's leaving. See how you feel after any unpleasant feelings disappear.
  • Blaming, bad mouthing and attacking reattaches you to what's leaving. Just move on with gratitude if the purification space is no longer for you.

Not again!

Purification works at the level of the Earth grid, negative technology interference and interdimensional factors where family and personal patterns originate. Other things you may have tried do not usually intersect here.

  • Previous health conditions may temporarily resurface for final resolution. Be patient. If symptoms persist always seek the advice of a qualified professional.
  • As negative patterns leave, you can feel heavier as you finally come back into your body.
  • Get proper emotional support. Don’t overstretch your close relationships!

When things get really tough

It’s indescribably hard but it's always temporary - and it is yours to do. A large part of the purification process is about endurance, discipline and perseverance; pushing on through.

  • You only receive as much as you are ready to deal with. Just do your best and keep on going.
  • The right thing is always happening. Things are already naturally unfolding. You haven't got to work it out.
  • It's an opportunity to make a change. What do you need to do?

Join a past event to support you

There are many materials in the Library to assist you during times of difficulty.

  • The topic of the latest Reboot and the latest Special event are always directly relevant to what you are currently purifying.
  • The Aftercare section has lots of practical topics which may help.
  • You can type a specific keyword in the Search on the issue you may be experiencing.
  • You can request Immediate assistance.