On the day.

What happens.


You plug in deeper to just the purity of you, in line with what natures decides - and whatever is in the way starts transmuting. Alongside, whatever you named as your Specific focus, receives the full force of the purification at the multiple of the power of the group.


I constantly emit a  frequency which pushes you back into your own source connection - and nothing else. According to the event my signal specialises. I don't need to stop what I am doing but usually I do. I often conduct events in nature and at significant locations on the Earth grid.

What I don't do

I don't work on you; put anything in or take anything out. I am not a healer. I don't tap into your energy or read you. I am not psychic. There's no channelling, guides, aliens, or ancestors. You can't pick up anything from me or anyone else because you only drive deeper into your own source connection. If it's not right for you, it simply doesn't happen. Nature decides.

Remote events

A purification is not affected by where you are, your time zone or what part of the day it is. It also doesn't matter what you are doing. You may be busy or relaxing. You may even be sleeping. You don't need to stop unless you wish to. Some people like to be outside in nature for a little while during a Reboot day, but you don't have to be.

Online events

Be completely ready in advance. Stay aware of your own body and your own sense of self throughout. You can have your eyes open or closed. No need to change a thing, inside or outside. Any sounds, happenings, internet or technical issues are all part of the purification.

Physical events

Be well planned and organised. Check through you have read all the event instructions. Know where you are going and that you have factored in travel / parking. Stay aware of your personal boundaries and your own body and sense of self throughout. Everything that occurs is always part of the purification.

Self care

Always hydrate well on an event day in the right way for you. If you're already feeling sensitive that day, monitor your boundaries carefully. Mostly you will feel nothing at first: that is OK. Sometimes you feel light and energised. Other times you may be tired or have a difficult situation come up. If so, try to have an early night if you can.

Purification materials

My purification materials point to where you most need to focus next. They are additional to your purification and never guaranteed. They are a live carrier of purity but do not possess the power to purify by themselves. Whether you listen or (re)watch is entirely up to you. 

Always download

Always download any mp3s or mp4 recordings and store them offline so you have your own copy. Sometimes they may contain unexpected sounds, happenings or technical glitches. This is all part of the purification. They are not meant to be perfect.