Aftercare 12: Real protection.

Feb 27, 2022

Function from the place of true protection. Powerfully change course into deeper embodiment of your own purity at the correct setting. Guard against doing something to repel something. Deal with extreme depression, fear and attack with lightness, expansion and ease particularly in peak purification phases.

Real protection has nothing to do with mantras, prayer, visualisations, placing yourself in a bubble for protection or sending love. It is all about the deep real time mechanics of how the other source on this planet truly functions. This is not available on just the level of information. Think of the whole subject instead, in terms of you already being the password to a way of functioning where protection is inbuilt - though you may endure very troublesome circumstances. 

When you already are a password, you have the password: you can't lose it and you don't need to remember it. This is the first point. Secondly, even the most melancholic experiences of yourself and fears you are being attacked or something is against you, are something with a different password which simply doesn't fit or mesh with your own. And thirdly, your password recreates and generates your own biology so you experience a world where different and even conflicting ways of being can easily co-exist, however much you would prefer they didn't.

When we operate at a setting where harmony and conflict can sit side by side in the same experience, this is a very precious existence. We naturally accept what is right and reject what is wrong as part of our everyday existence, because we function where harmony and conflict constantly resolve by themselves through the purity of our own selves. We will not fall into the type of acceptance and rejection initiated by a separate, false and autonomous slave self which divides the world and reinforces the power of the very agency it seeks to resist and protect itself against. 

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Theme: Monthly message; Special events; Aftercare; Clearing & protection.

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