Black magic.

Apr 14, 2021

Strengthen your completion in the purity of only your own source connection. Purify and release wherever you are hooked up with political and spiritual substitution of your own source connection. Invest more deeply in the flow of nature, Mother Earth and your own source connection, accelerating the dissolution of black magic frequencies from this planet. Know even more deeply that anything unwanted is already automatically and spontaneously transmuting because of you – and never needs your attention. 

Black magic is now very weak but people are so busy resurrecting its power and, quite literally, buying into its new politically correct forms, it easily manages to persist and claim the essence of world populations. Black magic is very real. In basis, it thrives on being able to make a copy of someone, then persuading them to give over their biology to splice with that image. Both body and mind can then be controlled like a robot or bioslave – completely invalidating the human integrity of body intelligence, Earth connection, nature’s principles and felt emotion. Previously a doll or replica would be made of the person and a piece of hair or a small amount of blood would be placed on the ‘composite substitute’ and bound together with accompanying spells or rituals. These days this happens in the form of your digital image being harvested from your keystrokes and innocent interaction with the internet. Then all that needs to happen is a sudden reason for you to hand over your DNA …

It is however very easy never to entwine with black magic frequencies. On the new high frequencies, you embody pure love, which automatically purifies denser frequencies. You already operate in the zone where you simply cannot be controlled. Nothing is therefore ever needed to protect you from anything. The moment however you entertain and carry out the suggestions of black magic frequencies – which always come first through the mind – you lace yourself into that very frequency; adopt its commands; and materially concretise its reality – where it formerly had no presence or power at all. You then adopt a new identity of being vulnerable to, and needing protection from, “takeover by another agenda”. The door is wide open to something else controlling you – right into the physical frequencies of your lived reality.

It’s very important then to extricate yourself from 2 main things: complying and entangling with black magic frequencies in the first place … and getting involved with political and spiritual attempts to thwart them. Both are born of each other. You are pure love, where it is impossible for such influences to exist in the first place, to ever need to be dealt with. Any requirement in order to experience, “be” or “have” that purity will always be false. Action from this perspective will then always be on the gold frequency where we only express nature’s principles, which are purity itself and which limitlessly flow through us. It is the suggestion that we substitute or replace ourselves with any prescribed political, philosophical or spiritual way of being which is the problem. We then realise that the vast majority of things on this planet are of the nature of black magic. Have you noticed how the practices, rituals and artefacts given to ward off unwanted influences uncannily resemble the protocols of those influences? Solutions, invested with an allegedly greater power, uprooting one reality or extracting something out of you to make you into something “better” … Taking on phrases, practices and procedures, not your own, in order to get rid of something and give you “something else” …

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Clearing & protection.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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