Rage against the system.

Sep 16, 2020

Heal the wound of ages underneath your relationship with success, recognition and money. Release rage cleanly wherever it comes from, restoring excellence, correct emotional boundaries and your ability to harness your needs.

Rage against the system is understandable. But rage itself divorces your biology from the wiring of your source connection. You start to underperform, sell yourself short, constantly apologise and even take something before it comes naturally, in more and more areas of your life. You become frozen in time and your spirit grows cold.

At its most severe, you can no longer feel, healthily control time, or control your own source connection. Heart issues may surface. Abundance ceases to flow adequately enough to support you; issues with lack of recognition blossom; as well as problems with money. A substitute source is then found, often through various forms of addiction.

In these times, wherever your ancestors carried these types of issues, that rage will now be forced up to the surface in you - catalysed by present external events which are equally if not more outrageous and enraging. It is therefore critical not to get lost in identification with this emotion as it leaves through you - however justified. Your ancestor’s rage is removing yours as well as it purifies … so it is essential to remain detached.

Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Abundance, money & business; Abuse, addiction & dependency; Global issues; Spiritual deprogramming.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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