The science of images 2.

Aug 7, 2021

Free yourself of the frequency of negative images controlling you and the negative high frequencies behind them. Act from the frequency of pure love, your own source connection and the principles of nature. No longer obey the technology of the slave self. Unmask yourself as the new embodied human and the hidden presence in every corner of your societies, your families and your life. Pull the plug on the root of so-called problems, so difficulties and challenges can truly start to resolve.

People are so busy trying to work out what’s wrong with them and to fix all the “problems” on this planet - they miss the one, great big problem … The hidden presence on this planet. We are forced by this presence to adopt unnatural, destructive ways of living which divide and control, which then completely mess us up. Our societies, families, and children go into total meltdown - because of a small minority who perpetually throw up smokescreens to keep themselves unseen. Meanwhile we walk around wondering how to make things better - having accepted there is something wrong with “us”.

This is part of the science of the image. Through the manipulation of our minds and senses, our connection with nature, the Earth and each other is ruthlessly broken. The focus becomes not on who we are and what we naturally feel and think - but solely on what we should be and are required to say, think and do - to qualify for the privilege of a sinister, manufactured “freedom”. We are condemned by our thoughts and actions according to an image, supplied by someone else and held up as the “model” of how we should behave.

We are so busy trying to conform to or resist this image; judging those who do or don’t; and trying to police others into, or out of, doing the same thing - the creators of this image and what they mean to accomplish with it goes totally unnoticed. Before too long, we have completely mutated our own biology in line with this image and the agenda behind it. Whether we fight it or go along with it makes no difference … because we are one with the frequency of the image itself, which already determines us. Thus the slave self is born.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Core issues; Global issues; Proper use of the mind; Science of images.

Included: 1 mp3 (22 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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