Last updated: January 26, 2024.


1. My personal field. I naturally, perpetually and spontaneously emit a purity signal. I therefore share and give freely whether someone interacts with me or not. Everything I do and say automatically functions in the scope of realignment and frequency correction. 

2. My words & actions. These function merely as a device or mirror - a report on what is purifying and leaving. Nothing I do, say or write, including on this website, is therefore ever of the nature of "one absolute truth", instruction or telling you what to do, say or think.

3. Not spiritual or a teacher. I am an individuated unique, dynamic aliveness - just like you. I most definitely am not enlightened or perfect. I do not follow or conform to any particular set of spiritual actions; behaviours; traditions; teachings; practices; codes; or standards. If this is what you want, please disengage from what I do and find a self help or religious guru. 

4. Not a healer. I am not able to make you better. Sometimes you may feel worse around me. Any change in you occurs according to what nature decides - not me or you. I do not know what will happen in my proximity and I have no control over the outcome. If you have difficulties of any type or are suicidal or self harming, you should seek a qualified practitioner immediately and any necessary support services.

5. Not political. I am my own being. My focus in life is purification. I do not represent any organisation; ideology; faction; political person or party; or particular view. If I mention these things, it is from the perspective of what is currently being purified.


6. Your responsibility. What you do and say - or don't - is down to you, no one lese. It's your job to live your own life; not mine. It is also your choice to view my website, join my events or give a donation. You don't have to. If you don't like who I am or what I do, please leave immediately. I wish you well.

7. Any donation you give is entirely voluntary. There are no fees, payments, invoices or refunds. You are not making a purchase, ordering a product or receiving a service. And, a donation is final.

OG giving

8. Oracle Girl is a company which offers events. It also makes donations to charities, organisations and individuals. I reserve the right to choose how much I wish to give - to whom - and how often. The recipient is always receiving a purification as well as a financial gift.

Updates & questions  

9. Check this page. We may update this policy from time to time. Please visit this page regularly for the most recent version.

10. Any questions? Please email [email protected].