Social media statement.

Navigating the digital world.

Why is Oracle Girl on social media?

Social media is a great way to connect over distance and participate in global community. Everything and everyone is subject to nature's principles whether they realise it or not. The companies behind social media platforms are receiving a purification - and so are those interacting with both the official and unofficial Oracle Girl pages. 

Unofficial Oracle Girl groups & pages

It's important to find like minded people to share and talk with. If that's on an unofficial Oracle Girl page, please read my Fair use & sharing statement first before you formulate your group name or refer to my work. Obviously any groups other than the official Oracle Girl listings are unofficial and entirely unconnected with the Oracle Girl organisation.

Fair use & sharing


Your social media account, group, private messaging, images and words; and account details - your data - belongs to the corporation behind any platform you use.

  • They can use your data any way they choose and also change their mind about that any time too.
  • Your content including your photos could be edited, redeployed or sold to third parties.
  • You could be banned or blocked at any time for no reason and without recourse to appeal.
  • Your ability to be known, seen and heard is constantly regulated by an algorithm, often part of a certain interest or agenda, which you have no control over.

Cloned accounts & bots

There are endless people employed to undermine someone's presence on social media and your participation. There are also many duplicate copies of official Oracle Girl pages set up by those replicating, parasitising and profiteering. 

  • Always check you are on our official social media pages by clicking direct on the icons top right above.
  • I would never write to you personally via social media or offer you paid services.
  • If it bothers you, or you feel it's wrong, what could you do about it?

It's up to you

It's your choice whether you join any social media group or page. Always check you know what you are agreeing to - also any guidelines attached to a specific group. Feel into the vibe when you join and have a look back over the previous posts and comments.

  • Does the group foster openness, have warmth, and add to your engagement with the purification space? Do you feel happy to be on there?
  • What is the vibration and feeling of the overall space? What kind of people are on there and what kind of comments do they make?
  • How does the group moderator(s) conduct themselves? Do they know the difference between malice and defamation; what's acceptable; and freedom to speak? 

Malice & defamation

Defamation is making false statements verbally (slander) or in writing (libel) with intent to undermine reputation. People of course can do and say what they wish. Just be very clear who you are.

  • What do you uphold? Look at the company you are keeping. Who and what do you want to be a part of?
  • What do you choose if someone is engaging in negative acts? Remember silence and political correctness can be frequency complicity.