Privacy policy.

Last updated: January 22, 2023.

Guiding statement

1. Our baseline. We strongly believe in data privacy and endeavour at all times to collect the barest minimum of data that can be traced back to you as a person.

2. Our ethics. We never share or sell your personal data.

Browsing this website

3. We do not collect any personal data. You can browse this website totally anonymously. No data is collected that can be traced back to you as a person.

4. Your public IP address. We use this to determine a currency for you when donating. We check from which country your public IP address is registered.

Emails you send

5. Emails to j@. If you send an email to we may use the information you give in that email to answer you. This includes personal data.

6. Testimonials. We may use part or whole of your email content as a testimonial. We will always use this anonymously and we will not do this if you specifically request us in writing not to do so.

7. With your consent. If you send them in, we may use your photos, your own artwork, poetry or any photo of yourself in Oracle Girl streetwear on our website or in a newsletter. If you do not give explicit permission for this at the time of writing, we will always ask your permission before we use anything. 

Joining events

8. Personal identifiable information (PII). If you join an event (past or present) or use the Gift option, we collect the following PII from you:

  • the name you provide and your email address
  • your IP address, country and city based on an IP geolocation check.

9. How we use your PII. We use this information to send you donation receipts and reminder emails - but only if necessary. We also store this information in our system for accountancy and business purposes. We will keep this information for a maximum of 7 years due to legal requirements.

10. Payment details storage. We never store payment details like your credit card number. Stripe and PayPal meanwhile have their own privacy policies.

Questions for events

11. Anonymity. If you submit questions for an event, you can choose whether to include your name and / or email address or not.

12. Data storage. We store any name and / or email address given; your question; and an anonymised version of your IP address for 30 days only.

13. Question deletion. After 30 days we delete this information, including your question(s).

Requesting we delete your personal data

14. Your “right to be forgotten.” We always delete as much personal data as we possibly can, unless an exemption in data protection law applies. 

15. To delete your personal data. Please contact specifying your request. 


16. Check this page. We may update this policy from time to time. Please visit this page regularly for the most recent version.

Contact us

17. Email us. If you have any questions about this Privacy policy, please contact