Fair use & sharing.

Last updated: June 22, 2022.

Embodying more love on this planet.

Feel free to share, recommend and meet socially because of my work in the ways mentioned below. Purification is a precious gift and when you respect my wishes, we all remain in integrity. You align more deeply with nature's principles. The power of the purification space and your own initiation into quadrality naturally increases.

Personal use only.

All of my events, work and materials are for personal use only.

  • Be yourself. I really want you to be you: sharing your own brilliance with the world. My work serves to strengthen your alignment with purity and your own source connection; nothing and no one else. The form of anything you produce will be unique and individual to you, obviously neither sounding nor looking like my work at all.
  • Please be careful not to lift my words, event titles and key phrases into your own work. This is imitation however unintentional. You need to find your own language.

How to share.

There are 2 ways. Please:

  1. Send someone the event sign-up link directly to join themselves or
  2. Use the Gift option to sign them up for a purification and the event email afterwards.

This is so you purify via your own source connection at the frequency of my purity signal - not just yours or somebody else's - and you don't carry the burden of others' actions and their unresolved patterns.

How to recommend.

Speak from your own experience and simply suggest. Never pressure. Point the person or group concerned to the Oracle Girl website and recommend the Reboot group. You can even show them around - but then leave them to explore. If you help someone to sign up, please make sure they have chosen to join themselves first.

Meeting together.

It's great to meet socially, online and in-person, to chat, support and discover others in the purification space. Also feel free to gather together physically, to attend a future event online, as long as everyone has already joined individually or been gifted a place via my website.

  • I do not want you to convene, and I do not endorse, individual events or organised groups examining my work and past events. No schools, courses, schedules, study groups or churches!


  • Quoting my words in small excerpts is fine but no quotes of any of my words in full. If you quote me or are inspired by me, please include: Jacqueline: oraclegirl.org
  • I do not endorse any online site, group, page or (social media) account and I would never message you via any of these mediums.
  • Your own transcripts or translations are unofficial, derivative works and sharing them is only permitted on the Oracle Girl community website. Everything else is not allowed - not even partially or via screenshot.
  • Make sure you have made your playlists private on any media platform. They should not be on public display.

You may not:

  • Screenshot, share or publish online, partly or wholly, any of my event materials or emails you receive from us including on Zoom and all social media groups - both public and private - except for small quotes.
  • Use my events, work or materials to create derivative works, however well intended, except for unofficial translations.
  • Use my logos, images, and the names "Dr Jacqueline Hobbs" and "Oracle Girl".
  • Represent; promote; explain; publish; or write materials about my work - or say that you work with or for me.
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