Every Sunday. 7 PM — 7:30 PM UTC. Show local time.

Embody pure love in silence completely by yourself. Embody and generate the frequencies of pure love and silence entirely unaided. Be alone with yourself. Update your Specific focus within and develop your self healing ability.

Event details.

This group is a 30 minute event, every Sunday, every week of the year for stopping, taking time out and being in silence. 

  • Read the New to me page if this is your first request.
  • The focus of this event is purification.

  • Join the Reboot group for best results.

  • It's a remote event. There's no sign-up, live link, event materials or Q&A.
  • You can still Give as you wish if you want.
  • I am there with you at exactly the same time, wherever I am in the world.
  • Sit quietly, meditate, go for a walk, sleep or take a bath. Do not speak or use any method of your own. Some people like to meet up physically as a group.
  • Add in your Specific focus yourself, within, at the beginning. Focus lightly on yourself, someone else or an issue.
  • Then just fall in after that, for the next 30 minutes.