The higher levels 4: false gurus.

Jun 19, 2021

Undermine false consumption models of spirituality and healing based on money, sex and power. Strengthen in your own ability to heal as a true healer, regardless of whether you work as a healer or not. Access and generate more of your own unique frequency, rooted in nature’s principles, further integrating the sixth element, the gold frequency and the intelligence of the waters of this planet.

Love itself is the purification. Not human love, but pure love; the light of you as it embodies in human form. That light burns ever strongly and continuously comes forward, from the inside out, into this material reality. It upgrades the wiring of your source connection and your physical form literally changes - able to house more of your multidimensional self here on Earth.

This whole process takes form when you cross over into a higher frequency bandwidth, prompted by a deeply sincere inner call. Because you exist in Earth-based reality, via the sixth element which governs materialisation, you then give birth to everything that exists at that bandwidth - a person or being of love - in the form of your future self. This incredible act of power harnesses the electromagnetic forces of the universe (more limitedly defined as sexual energy) triggering a massive change in your material experience of yourself - which the mental level of your being consciously receives and recognises later. You literally recreate your own body, birthing a new form capable of anchoring more of the light of your own self here, making possible a wealth of new experiences, which is a monumental act of love in itself. You then automatically go through the experience of the new you on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual … parting ways with the old you … which is the slave self in a lower frequency bandwidth ...

So dreaming, that inner call, automatically leads to healing - self healing through a meeting on the inner planes with the future you. And all of this is automatic. You are a dreamer who constantly self heals and generates ever more diverse, new forms. A false guru is a mere parody of this - an imposter at best. They rely on someone or something else for their powers and possess none of the frequency which see others automatically strengthen in their own selves, self healing ability, and ongoing purification. A guru does not operate at that higher bandwidth and there has been no meeting at the coordinate of pure love. You do not generate any future self rooted in purity. Instead you are dependent on the guru’s physical presence and abilities to generate anything - and the more you partake, the more you become a clone of them and their teachings and practices. This is because they are powerless to trigger change for themselves (let alone anyone else) and they cannot power themselves. Instead, physical money and worldly acts of sex and power must be traded for something absent. Actually, they need you. A false guru needs access to your personal field and body system in order to mine the universal energy of existence and pure love they do not experience themselves … extracting more and more cost and value so they can supplement their ever diminishing selves. They must:

  • contract you into receiving something from them - substituting the continuous purification you are always receiving within your own being
  • take something out of you or put something into you - substituting your own self healing ability with themselves
  • rewire you out of nature’s principles into a new modality - substituting your own unique personal instructions with their own
  • give you knowledge, instructions and teach you methods - further powering themselves and draining you like a battery

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Abuse, addiction & dependency; Higher levels; Self healing; Spiritual deprogramming; Superordinary abilities.

Included: 1 mp3 (21 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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