The higher levels 3: truth force.

Aug 26, 2020

Engage with truth force: your own transmission of pure love at every level of your being. Powerfully disconnect from all other 'truths': the search for truth from external information given by others, your mind or your emotions. Stand firm and solid instead in your own whole body signature, radically rewriting everything and everyone around you.

Truth force is when pure love makes itself real and is wholly made manifest through our body. It is so powerful, nothing can stand in its way. It changes everything. And it transmutes even the most irreconcilable situations.

Once we switch into the spaciousness of our own embodied presence as a being of pure love, a solid indisputable knowing enters our system which we simply cannot change. The force of truth shapes our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers: re-casting our body at the exact frequency of ultimate protection and radical dissolution of what immediately stands in our way.

So life is very simple. You have to stick to your own truth at whatever cost and remain the physical anchor for it whatever happens. Live it - never bend it or betray it - and it is then guaranteed that nothing will touch you. It doesn’t mean that you won’t see difficult or maybe horrible things. But truth force is already keyed to doing no harm so only the highest outcome for you personally will ever be the result. This is what makes it so indisputable. Every single cell in your body operates in one continuous zone which transmutes all internal and external landscapes. Whatever someone else says or does, our body simply can’t be or do anything else except that incredible force which needs no explanation.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups; For these times; Higher levels; In your body; Superordinary abilities.

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