Family patterns & the Earth grid.

Aug 27, 2022

Break free of the slave body syndrome. Assume your natural physicality minus infiltration by the science of the image. Break the remaining grip of the slave self technology on your family relationships. Take clear responsibility for your own behaviours and habits. Clean up hijacked Earth frequencies in your local vicinity.

Family patterns are not quite what we think they are. They are manufactured in concert with the gridlines of the Earth. This doesn't mean that we don't have family patterns that we are subject to. We do. But they don't quite originate or function how we might think. Patterns in general can be positive or negative. And when they are positive they form the most beautiful tesselations infused by the gold frequency.

Like our body, the Earth has frequency pathways. But these can also be blocked, overlaid, and even altered. A certain technology can inject its own signal into these lines - and form a grid within which to project a certain body image. Once we claim this as our own, patterns of preconditioned behaviour can then be introduced into our psyche and personal field via the water in our blood.

This in turn gives our children a frequency vulnerability to exactly the same programming. So, certain patterns may indeed become the characteristic of a particular family. However if you think about it, this wouldn't explain how an adopted child can often develop and exhibit the same patterns as a non-biological parent. Shared frequency, the hijacked Earth grid and the science of the image is the answer - and also explains how nature can become part of this simulation. It is all about the planetary environment in which both human beings live, group and operate in proximity with the technology of the slave self.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups; Family issues; Science of images; Start here.

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