Dead energies & how to separate from them.

Dec 1, 2019

Purify where you are enmeshed with dead energies and identifies where and when you are disappearing into and blending with the death space. Adopt certain habits & practical checks alongside being in the purification space to resolve elective abortion experiences; extreme pain and trauma leading to heightened intuition & wounded healer syndrome; control issues & heightened fear / terror due to losing a grip on time & space. Understand spiritual / enlightenment experiences more deeply.

When we go through certain types of experiences, the death space opens up. This used to be a more parallel non-physical realm and is now more interwoven with our everyday reality. We can start to disappear into and / or blend with these non-physical energies, making us become extremely insightful, perhaps powerful, but also denser and heavier.

Extreme pain and trauma; abortions and miscarriages; being in a family where suicides have occurred and babies and young children have died; 'near death' and enlightenment experiences all place us in the proximity of death energies. Giving birth is also a journey in the death space as the mother slowly releases the non-physical aspects of the world which until delivery, her and her unborn child have been dwelling in.

As a result of meshing with these frequencies we can become highly intuitive, with incredible insights and even receive breathtaking healing powers. However you also lose your ability to navigate time and space, becoming exceptionally tired and controlling, because your body element is beginning to break up. You can no longer retain your sense of self in a body, feel clouded and unable to make decisions. The wounded healer complex, fear and paranoia can also predominate as your lived experience starts to split into this world and another bringing chaos and disadvantage hand-in-hand with material gain.

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Event: Death & dying; Public talks; Special events.

Theme: Dead energies; Spiritual deprogramming.

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