Protection purification track.

Sep 1, 2018

Align more deeply with the source of your being and remove unwanted influences across 10 diverse categories while you are meditating, busy in the house, working or even sleeping.

  1. Problems speaking up, staying in one's power, giving power away, keeping strong boundaries within and without.

  2. Spirits, elementals, ghosts, discarnate energies, the dead and the underworld or attachments to the hell realms, cords, attachments, psychic entities.

  3. Problems with deities, channelled influences, guides, alien signatures, high frequencies which are disembodied and disrupting the body- spiritual energies in general including those attached to mantras, physical postures, regimens, practices, also protectors and guardians.

  4. Psychic attack, witchcraft frequencies, curse energies, agreements and contracts, past present and future family or non family related thought forms and emotional energies wherever there may be problems with any of these categories.

  5. Problems with demonic energies, malevolent entities, satanic energies including those linked to blood, sex, money, children and/or crime including abduction and murder.

  6. Problems related to power, hierarchy, abuse, manipulation or control energies linked to worldly figures and organisations including cults, gurus and religious or spiritual leaders and teachers, politicians, employers, colleagues or people in positions of authority including those with corporate and financial connections.

  7. Frequencies emanating from technology, machines and artificial intelligence, Hollywood and the global entertainment industry, the impact of the media, social media and the internet any problems in these areas.

  8. Problems with shamanic or plant medicine energies, pharmaceuticals and drug energies, stimulants, foods, addictive substances and any type of toxin.

  9. All anti-human, anti-animal and anti-ecobiological or anti-environmental agendas with or without known consent.

  10. A house, business or piece of land or estate clearing - all the occupants currently including any pets - inc specific problems past or present or anything that you're worried about occurring in the future at this address.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Clearing & protection; Start here.

Included: 1 mp3 (13 mins).


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